Monday, March 28, 2011

Raising An Easter Chick-Our New Pet Trial Run

My three jewels have been begging me for a new pet lately!  Our dog, Bailey, is getting older and a little less interactive with the kids.  I figured a trial run was necessary before we committed to bringing home any new creature.  We decided to adopt and raise a Easter chick for a week {sorta}  I'm not new at this parenting thing!!  I knew that if we brought home a new, soft, cuddly creature, I'd have better chances of winning the "Mrs Universe" competition then I would have trying to get rid of a new pet.   So we adopted the battery operated kind.  Yep, I'm that kinda MOM!  

We brought our baby Easter chick home and gave him a chance to warm up to his new environment.
We did this by building him a nest in our backyard.  Friends, this is serious business!  The battery operated chick had to have his own nest in our backyard!!!!  It's times like these, I wish I was 7 again.

I was pleasantly surprised by how serious Sapphire took her new parenting role!

So would you be prepared if you had to raise your own Easter Chick?  You can read all the books you want, search the web, participate in online forums and ask your friends for advice, but are you ever truly ready for what it takes to be a parent?  Parenting a pet is more then just providing food, water and a soft place to land.  It's about love, attentiveness and education.  It truly is a responsibilty!  Much like raising a child! 

Feeding a pet is the number one priority!  Easter chicks require special food, don't ya know!!  Our baby chick prefers fresh worms from our garden box.

A backyard biology lesson may be necessary.  I won't say it~of course I will, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"  I had to inform my 3 jewels as to where chicks come from.

Playing with your new pet was the best part!  We put together a bird seed sensory box for our baby chick to peck around in.  

This was Pearl's favorite part of raising our chick.  I couldn't pull her away from the sensory box!

*Note*  The calendar might indicate that Spring has arrived but we're still wearing our hats and snowsuits around here!  Yep, we're crazy Canucks and that's how we role!  A lil cold weather aint gonna stop us from having a good time.

Nap time got a little bit tricky!  We couldn't decide where our baby chick should sleep!
That's when I challenged them to put together their very own bird nest creation!
Take a look at Sapphire's nest...

Now check out Opal's nest...

It was quite obvious to my 5 year old, that Easter chicks sleep in a tub filled with jelly-beans.  I had no argument!  I'd sleep in a tub filled with jelly-beans too if I could!

We also chose a suitable book to read to our new pet!  I highly recommend this book if you are thinking of adopting a a baby chick! 

As you can see, raising a baby chick isn't all what it's cracked up to be!! {pardon the pun}
In the end, my 3 jewels did extremely well!  Now it's just a matter of deciding which pet is suitable for our active family.  Any suggestions? 



Anonymous said...

That was really sweet! I bet the kids loved this -- great idea! Hey, even with 2 dogs, mine are still begging for another pet. Haven't given in so far. I like your idea though.

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keri said...

hello your hiness.. i used to love the way a baby chik smells. still not sure if the one in your photos is real or not. cute blog... thanks,. i'm followoing you..


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at first glance, i really thought that that's a real chic! u are one great mom! anything for the jewels!

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Gorgeous pictures!! Thank you for swinging by 2 Against 1 , following back now.

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that's sooo sweet! :)

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Aw...I'm sticking with my dog. big, oafish broken dog.