Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Survive March Break With Kids

You decided to stay home this year.  You waited until the last minute to book your kids into a day camp and now they're full.  A full week with the kids at home and you have nothing planned!!!
Don't panic, everything will be fine, repeat after me, "An activity a day, keeps boredom away".
The key to surviving March Break is to keep your kids engaged and entertained.
It's a full time job keeping little ones busy during March Break, but with a little preparation and a list of possible activities, you will survive!

Here is what we have planned...

Day 1 Visit the local library
Libraries are excellent sources of entertainment during the March Break.  They usually run activities throughout the entire week.  Some of these activities you have to register for ahead of time, while others you can drop in on.  On Monday we played audience to a magician at our local library.

Day 2 Living Room Laser Tag and Sleepover

Let your child invite a friend over and set up tent in the living room.  Trust me, you'll need some kind of incentive to ensure good behaviour through out the week.  There's no better bribe then a sleepover with friends.  We found some finger lasers at the dollar store but flashlights would work as well.

Day 3-Painting and Craft Day
This is what we made on Wednesday~we called it Pirate Ship Marble Run

All you'll need is a shoe box, stickers, marbles, and scissors or a knife.  Cut 3 doorways out and place numbers above each door.  Roll the marble into the doorway to accumulate points.  First person to reach 100 wins.

Don't have enough marbles?  Why not use craft pebbles!  They slide perfectly along hard surfaces.

Stuck for more craft ideas?  Visit/revisit my sidebar for inspiration. 

Day 4 Theme Day
Choose a theme and play it out all day!  I personally like pajama day paired with bad hair day!
By day 4 you're gonna need a pajama day!

Day 5 Animal Adventure
Kids are easily entertained by animals.  Why not arrange to visit a local farm.  Your kids will get a kick out  learning how chickens lays their eggs.
Try bird watching at your local park or feed some ducks.
Visit an animal shelter or pet shop
Offer to take your neighbor's pet for a walk 

Sorry but your on your own for the weekends! I had full intentions of publishing this post at the beginning of the week but the week somehow slipped away from me!  The good news is, only four more days and life should be back to normal.  BTW-Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!  



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