Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Dress Up Your Carrot Walnut Loaf

Has this ever happened to you?

Yes that's a Carrot Walnut Loaf with a great big chunk missing in the middle!  I had just finished baking this lovely loaf to take to a friend's house when all of the sudden I noticed a huge piece missing from the top.
It happens to me ALL the time.  I turn my back for a second and my curious lil monkeys get into my baked goods.  Of course Sapphire blamed it on Pearl (the baby) and Opal blamed it on the sneaky leprechaun who escaped our trap.

I didn't have time at this point to make anything else, so I forced to improvise!  Somehow I had to disguise the obvious crater in the cake!  The good thing was, I knew our friends would be totally forgiving of my mischievous kids.  They're parents as well, so they get it.  In fact, this is what I gave them for Christmas.  I'm very thankful for their sense of humour.

So, how did I improvise?  Well, I grabbed some green twine and a paper bag

Much Better!  I used a glossy gift bag, some twine and a wine charm to resemble carrots!
I think it looks cute!  What do you think?

O.K., I know what you are thinking?  Why didn't you just slap some icing on top and call it a day?
To be honest, I thought of that, but I needed something to blog about.  I figured this would be much more entertaining! BTW-Have you tried these disposable loaf pans yet?  I found mine at Loblaws grocery store.  You'll never have to hunt down your pans again!


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Anonymous said...

I have yet to have this problem with a cake or pan of brownies, but I ALWAYS have this problem when I bake cookies. Whether I'm baking them for a get together or for a present (although the latter is rare), my parents and brothers always have to sneak a couple for tasting. Even if it's something as basic as chocolate chip cookies.

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LOVE how you dressed up the carrot cake! I love cooking blogs. I can't cook that well myself but LOVE to see how others do!

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