Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Candied Carrots-Three Jewels Style

While trying to think of some handmade Easter basket treats, I came up with this idea.
Candied Carrots~These aint the kind your Mama served you for supper!

I bought 3 boxes of reese's pieces, separated the colors, filled a cake decorating bag with the orange ones and ate the yellow and brown (I had to hide the evidence...we wouldn't want them finding out the truth about the Easter Bunny)

Then I went on to make some of these...    Pudding Carrots!

Tint your vanilla pudding, fill a cake decorating bag, snip the end and enjoy! *Tip-Use the gel food coloring so that your pudding doesn't become runny.

I'm pretty sure Opal will resent me for taking this picture when he's older, but for now he's still five and loves the bunny ears that I just bought him.
So, until he refuses to pose for pictures like this...

....I'm gonna keep on taking cute snap shots of my baby bunny in his silly rabbit ears while I still can!


Sleppery said...

That's too cute! Perfect easter Idea ^^ Love it
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Allyn Marie said...

What a cute bunny!! :)

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Anonymous said...

You take great pics!

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