Monday, March 14, 2011

Good morning friends,
Did everyone survive unscathed considering we all had 1 hour less sleep yesterday?  Why can't "they" just leave the time alone?  Daylight Savings is so logically flawed!!  There's actual studies to prove that Daylight Savings actually results in 1%-4% more energy consumption.  Let's face it, life today aint what it used to be.  I'd say the idea of Daylight Savings was whipped together like a Betty Crocker cake recipe.  Do they not realize we have babies with sleep schedules?  You see, the body has this thing called the circadian clock .  It's basically our internal clock.  Humans were not designed for sudden time change, in particular, babies.  A sudden time changes leads to stress, flared tempers and a lower ability to concentrate on a task. (It's postpartum all over again, YIKES).  It seriously takes us 3 days to adjust to the time change.  Whoever makes these time change decisions should have to spend 3 days in my house and face the wrath of a "sleep deprived mother" aka Me.

Sorry to have started Monday morning with a bitch session, maybe because I'm lacking precious sleep!  Anyway, it's the start of March Break and I'm interested to know what everyone is up to.
This morning we are heading to the local library to watch a magic show. 
Later we are making some pipe cleaner teddy bears.  I worked through these instructions yesterday and it was super simple.

**Note** These are very small and not suitable for children <3.  I think we'll turn our little teddies into key chains to hang on the kids' backpacks.  



I'm also really excited because I received a package on Friday from a site I've been stalking for sometime now.  It's called garnish.  This site is definitely worth checking out while you finish your morning coffee.

No peeking just yet!  I'll be using the goodies I ordered in several future posts.  Which means you'll have to wait just a lil bit longer!!!


Kortney said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from the Wednesday hops!! Hope you are having a great Wednesday!
Happy Hopping

P.S. I hate DST too! I think they should just leave it alone!!! Ughhh :)