The Royal Family

The Royal Family


  1. Morning or Night?  Albert-night Crystal-morning {we balance each other out nicely}

  2. Favorite drink? Albert-beer Crystal-coffee and white wine {late autumn reisling}

  3. Bad habits? Albert-snores Crystal-I can't walk by a mirror or glass window without checking out my butt and thinking "Do I look fat today?"

  4. What do you usually think about right before you fall asleep?  Albert-sex Crystal- "I wonder when one of the kids will wake up?"

  5. Things people would like to know about you? Albert-Loves to snowmobile/ATV, hang out in the garage and play with the kids. Crystal-I eat peanut butter sandwichs in the middle of the night while half awake{I'm a "glass full" kind of girl},  I hate to cook but love to bake, I like to make crafts with my kids.  I could shop anywhere, anytime.   

Princess Sapphire
Sapphire is her blog name and she is our oldest child.  She is 6 years old.  Sapphire is an affectionate little girl who loves to be a "princess" and wear pretty dresses.  She loves music and dancing.  Her favorite food is anything sugary and sweet!  As you can see she has beautiful curls and long eyelashes.  

Prince Opal
Opal is his blog name and he is our one and only son!  Opal is 4 years old and a typical little boy.  He is obsessed with trains and loves his bike.   His favorite meal is a cheese whiz and jam sandwich. 

The "littlest" Princess
Pearl is her blog name and she is our baby girl.  She just turned 1.  She is shy and timid but has the most adorable laugh.  She can chug 6 ounces of milk in 45seconds.  Her favorite food is vanilla yogart with grapes.  Her best feature is her amazing eyelashes!  I can't stand how cute it is when she sleeps with her bum in the air.

This is our dog Bailey.  He doesn't have an alias name for my blog.  He is 8 years old, very lazy and eats all our scraps.  We have had him since he was a pup.  The kids have used him as a pillow, snot rag and pull toy.  He is gentle, lovable and very protective of his family!