Monday, March 7, 2011

When did I become a Mom?

When did I become a Mom?  I mean, technically I gave birth to my first child 7 years ago.  What I actually want to know is, when did I cease to be the self-absorbed, boy crazy, fashionista, party girl that I once was during high school and college?  When did this transformation take place and why did I not notice it happening?
Each day I wake up and realize I have all these new and wonderful responsibilities.   How did I become the Mom, responsible for shooing the monsters from underneath the bed, the Mom who keeps the bath splashing under control, the Mom who crawls under the crib at 2am searching for the dropped pacifier.
I now find myself judging the time of day by what cartoon flashes across the TV screen.
When did I become the Mom who doesn't think twice about holding my hands out to catch my child's 
Waking up with extra bodies in my bed has become a new way of life.
When did my biggest challenge become, how do I remove the yogurt covered t-shirt from my 1 year old without getting it all through her hair?
Books like Pinkalicious or Geronimo Stilton have replaced all my college textbooks.
7:00 pm is now the most perfect time of day and the word "bedtime" has become the most beautiful word in the English language? 
Blindfold me and stick me in a room with a 100 crying babies and I'd still be able to distinguish which cry was coming from Pearl.
My showers now last less then 10 minutes and typically involve an audience of 3, I wear slippers so I don't have to feel the Cherrios crush beneath my toes and I put way more effort into my kids' outfits then I do my own.
How and when did I BECOME A MOM and who do I thank for this wonderful and blessed new role?



b. lee said...

sweet post & rain boot shot :)

Shawn Becker said...

Great post. I am visiting from the Tuesday Train. I loved the pictures of the dollhouse..good luck on catching your leprechaun..hope he comes with a pot of gold!

The Survival Mama said...

HAHA! Awesome post - and SO true...especially about all the babies in the room.

Thanks for riding the train, following back, so I don't miss any of the good stuff.
The Survival Mama

Nightly Cafe said...

OMG I love the rain boots! My daughter is going to be 21 and still loves rain boots haha. Hopping in off the Tuesday Train. Hope you have a great week.


Angela said...

Hi Crystal, my name is Angela and I went to Georgian with your husband, I learned about your blog from Jen Bartlett and read it often. This post made me laugh out loud and tear up at the same time. I'm a stay at home mom of two young girls and your post really sums up a day in the life of me for sure. I enjoy your blog and have forwarded it on to many of my mommy friends as well. Thanks for sharing, Angela