Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marriage Advice-The Barter System

Ten years of marriage and we still really like each other.  Pretty much unheard of nowadays!
What do I attribute to our happy and contented marriage?
The "Barter System" of course!  It's the economics of love and marriage.
He gives me what I want {my floors mopped} and I give him what he wants {the opportunity to fulfill his animal instint~enough said} Everyone wins, right girls?
Once our "needs" are both met, we express our appreciation with a big old 'Thank You'!
Meeting each other's needs deposits love units in the love bank.  This results in a wealthy marriage filled with love and in the end avoids an emotional recession!

This is what works for us!  Now it's time to introduce the "peanut butter concept".  Just like peanut butter holds two pieces of bread together, there are people, things, feelings and activities, which can hold a marriage together.  The "Barter System" holds our marriage together, now it's your turn to share.  What holds your marriage together?


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Sleppery said...

haha awesome

Jen@Mommys Online Garage Sale said...

I'm happily married 10 yrs too. I totally agree it's all about give and take.

Thank you for joining us on Wednesday’s I ♥ Blogging Hop #4, I am your newest follower. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sarah said...

Adorable picture!

Thank you for joining our I love blogging, blog hop! I am following you, I hope you have time to stop by

b. lee said...

cute post LOL ~ we're in our 10th year of bliss too ... & are sooo on the same page ... u pat my back & I'll pat urs * guarantee ya all men's "pats/needs" are the same * * oh silly men ~ ~ ~