Friday, April 30, 2010

Community Question: Would you be OK with your man wearing Spanx?

So, I was doing a little bit of online shopping and yes I was checking out the shapewear department! Well now, that cat is out of the bag!!
Yes, my name is Crystal and I wear the thigh to boobie crotchless shapewear contraption called Spanx! Please tell me you've heard of them! I'm not afraid to admit it! It's not something I feel the need to wear on a daily basis but for those special occassions they sure do come in handy!  Really though, who doesn't need a little assistance! I have been blessed with the "CuRvY" gene, add to this three pregnancies and of course I'm going to be using shapewear to control the oooooh so delicious "muffin top".
I bought my first pair after Pearl was born.  I was going to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding one month after she was born, therefore, I needed all the help I could get to look "flat and fab"(not flab)!
I remember the first time I let my husband see me put them on while I was getting ready! He didn't have to say anything, I could read his facial expression...."Whaaaat are those?"  When I finished getting ready he smiled at me and told me how lovely I looked!! Brownie points! That's the great thing about unconditional love!
Anyway, like I was saying, I was looking online for some new shapewear products and I stumbled upon Manx{spanx for men}. Basically, it's a undershirt developed by the Spanx company.  It is specifically for men to help banish their beer bellies.  Really?  Then I started thinking, if my man needed to wear a girdle/shapewear would I be as accepting of his new body as he is of mine?
Well, the answer is YES! {let me explain that my man has a very high metabolism.  Makes me sick!!! So, I guess I can answer this question quite easily because I'm not overly concerned about him gaining weight.}
Despite this, how can I expect him to love me with all my stretch marks, and dare I say it "rolls", if I can't show that unconditional love to him in return! As women we are always shouting, "Equality for the Sexes" well then, why wouldn't men want to level the playing field just like women do!  However, what I did find funny is the type of wording used to market the undershirt.  Quote "A T-shirt on steroids, Manx is a body-sculpting undershirt designed to support your core, shave inches off your belly and enhance your posture.” They can't just sell it as a girdle or shapewear, this garment has to have special superpowers maxed out on drugs!!!
Here's the difference in how they market Spanx to women. Quote "Spanx® is the name of the company that makes hosiery-inspired body shaping garments designed to give a smooth and toned appearance to a woman’s figure. Spanx are thin so they don’t add bulk." 
Completely different wording to sell the same piece of fabric!  Marketing!
So would you be ok if your better other half started wearing Manx?  Be honest!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine" ~Anne Bronte

The breeze is blowing and I had to get outside!  With my laundry that is!!  Yep, the amount of laundry we do around here never ceases to amaze me!  I wanted to do a cute craft with the kids that would incorporate laundry, so I found these two crafts and got to work making them!

It never fails, two socks go into the washer and only one comes out! Where does the other sock go? Can someone please explain this mystery to me? Until we find the missing mate I have a place to hang the lonely sock!  I used foam letters with sticky backing and clothespins. Simple and adorable!

Ok, is this not simply precious?  I thought the kids needed to have a clothesline for their doll clothes!

  • Stakes from Micheals $1.29 each
  • Mini clothes pins $2.99 for a bag of them from Micheals
  • Clothes cut from felt $1.00
  • Pink twine from any hardware store.  We had some in the garage so not sure how much it costs
Two simple ways to enourage the kids to harness nature's energy!!! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Does Your Medicine Cabinet Need A Checkup?

Important!  Medical Disclaimer- This post has been developed by the author for information purposes only. It does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care. If you have a health problem, medical emergency, or a general health question, you should contact a physician or other qualified health care provider for consultation, diagnosis and/or treatment. 

Have you ever wondered what a nurse or doctor stocks in their medicine cabinet to treat minor ailments or injuries? Did you know that the bathroom is one of the worst places to store medicines? Do you know some of the most crutial facts about taking otc medicines?
Today I'm going to take a break from talking about my husband and children.  I want to focus on the other love in my life, my career as a Registered Nurse. I have been a RN for 9 years. I have worked in many different hospital settings and have treated many different illness and injuries.
I have worked on a Cardiac Care unit , MICU(medical intensive care unit), E.R., and most recently on a Hemodialysis unit. I've done everything from removing sutures and performing CPR to disimpacting a patient.
So, as you would expect, I get asked for medical advice from almost all my family and friends.
Today I want to offer some information on how to stock a medicine cabinet that will effectivly treat your family's minor medical needs.
To begin, contrary to popular belief, the bathroom is actually not a great place to keep a medicine cabinet or medicine box. The heat and humidity caused by baths and showers can cause medicine to deteriorate more quickly. A suggested place to store a medicine box is on the top shelf of a linen closet. Linen closets are typicaly out of a child's reach and they offer a cool, dark and dry place to store medicine. I personally prefer a medicine box over a cabinet. I  have one tackle box for medicine, that remains locked, and one that contains medical supplies(also known as a first aid kit) which may be accessed more easily in a emergency situation. 

Medicine Box And First Aid Kit Must Haves

Pain relievers and fever reducers.  I keep a supply of liquid Tylenol for the kids and capsules for adults. Tip-don't be afraid to purchase the no name brand of Tylenol aka Acetaminophen.  This is what hospitals use and it is just as effective.  I also stock Ibuprofen(Motrin,Advil).  Ibuprofen is classified as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and fever reducer.  This means it can help reduce inflammation from an injury such as a sprain.  I also like to rotate between Tylenol and Ibuprofen when treating a fever.  Ibuprofen can last as long as 6-8hours while Tylenol is only effective up to 4 hours.   Tylenol is also supplied in the form of suppositories for those who have trouble keeping medicine down.  Note-Tylenol suppositories are typically stored in the fridge.   

Bandages-I keep a supply of differnt size bandaids as well as colorful character bandaids for the kids.  It is also important to stock a few vinyl or plastic bandaids as some people may be allergic to the latex that can be found on the adhesive part of some bandaids.
 I also keep a hefty supply of guaze and adhesive tape for "make shift" bandaids.

Digital Thermometer-It is recommended that the old style mercury thermometers not be used on children.  The mercury can be toxic if the thermometer breaks.  Also, the new digital thermometers offer a reading much faster and they are easier to read than the older style thermometers. Mercury thermometers should not be thrown away in the garbage. To dispose of them you can drop them off at your local health unit. 

Antiseptics and Antibiotic ointments-I am a big believer in soap and water to clean a cut.  However, some may prefer to use rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant.  I also stock some alcohol hand sanitizer to quickly kill the germs on my hands prior to treating a wound.  I have found that the alcohol swabs provided in many medical kits dry out too quickly.  Instead you can make your own by squirting some alcohol on a 2x2 guaze.  I also like to irrigate a wound with a saline solution prior to applying antibiotic ointments and bandages.  Examples of antibiotic onitments would be neosporin or polysporin.
My kids seem to be prone to conjuctivits (pink eye)  so I keep a bottle of polysporin eye drops to use until I can get a prescription from my family doctor.

Antihistamines-aka allergy medicine.  I typically stock oral Benadryl( taken by mouth) and topical Benadryl(applied to the skin).  This medicine is effective in treating allergic reactions such as hives, itchy bug bites or nasal congestion and itchy water eyes.  Tip-oral Benadryl can cause drowsiness.  If the reaction is localized you can apply a topical ointment such as otc hydrocortisone or topical Benadryl.

Antiemetics-I keep a supply of gravol suppositories for the children if they have an upset stomach and/or vomiting.  For adults, either oral or suppository gravol is sufficient.  Also Pepto Bismol is a good alternative.  A children's formulation is also available in tablet form. Note- Pepto Bismol will turn your stools(poop)black so don't be alarmed! 

Tweezers, Sissors, Duck Tape-Yes, I said duck tape!  Have you ever tried to get a sliver out of a child with tweezers.  If you try to come close to them with tweezers they freak out!  Try duck tape instead, to pull the sliver out! Tip- duck tape is also an effective treatment for warts that may be found on the hands and feet!

Items For Distraction-for the squeemish or panicky (young or old) it is always a good idea to give them something to distract them while you care for them.  Stickers, suckers, a stuffed toy, or book are some ideas that may ease the pain and calm fears! 

First Aid Manual-In a true crisis it is often difficult to think clearly.  This is why I always keep a first aid manual in my medicine box in case of an emergency.  This is useful for any lay person who hasn't been trained in First Aid and CPR.  Tip- Always make sure your babysitter knows where the first aid kit is and that there is a manual inside in case of an emergency.

A Medical File Folder-This is especially important if you are not present to provide the accurate medical information on your family members or if you forget.   I keep a list of emergency medical numbers, vaccination journals in this folder.  On an index card I document each family member's pre-existing medical conditions, current prescription medications(also include vitamins and mineral as well as natural supplements that are being taken)and the allergies and what type of reaction is expected.  

Recommended Items
I didn't mention cough suppressents or expectorants above because they are not really recommended for young children anymore.  In fact their efficacy has been questioned all together.  Some medical professionals believe a tablespoon of honey is just as effective as some otc cough suppressents.  I'll let you be the judge of that. 
I like to use a cool mist humidifier if my children have chest congestion.  It is important to remember to thoroughly clean it when you have finished using it so that it doesn't harbour mold from the moisture.
A pair of sterile gloves is a good idea and can be purchased at most drug stores.
Antacids can come in handy and help you avoid a midnight trip to the supermarket
Syringes or a calibrated spoon are handy to have.  Never use a kitchen spoon. I find the plastic cups that the come with some medicine difficult to read.
Oral rehydration- pedialyte is one example even though I've never managed to get my kids to drink that awful tasting stuff!
Calamine lotion or oatmeal bath sachets are effective in treating itchy dry skin or hives

Important Things To Note
  • Don't ever share your prescription medications or take those prescribed for others. You don't know how your body will react or what dose would be appropriate. Only a doctor can determine if the medication is right for you, how much you should take and for how long. The medications can also dangerously interact with others you may be taking.
  • Follow label directions carefully and always read warning labels to ensure you take medications safely and as directed.
  • Be particularly mindful of warnings to avoid or limit alcohol. 
  • Keep the telephone number for your local poison control centre in an easily accessible spot near your telephone and be sure all household members are aware of the number.
  • If you are in the midst of taking a medication and are interrupted by a doorbell, for example, take the medication with you. Do not leave it unattended on the counter. Numerous accidental ingestions by children can occur in this manner
  • Dispose of expired medicine by taking it to a pharmacy in order to avoid environmental contamination.  It is also important to take inventory of your medicine box and first aid kit twice a year.  (I print out a "contents list" for my medicine box and for the first aid kit. Then I tape it to the back of the box. Whenever I use an item from the box I cross it off the list. This way I can quickly see what I need to restock) 
  • Always fill your prescriptions at the same pharmacy so as to avoid dangerous drug interactions.  The pharmacy will have your previous drug list on file and your pharmacist can warn you of harmful side effects.  

A well-stocked medicine cabinet can be a relief during an illness or in an emergency. It is certainly worth the time and money required to have those items available that will aid you and your loved ones in time of need.
I hope this helps you figure out what you really should have on hand and what you could toss. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Surviving The "Mommy Mafia"

Well, today I received my very first negative comment!  Ouch! 
Instead of dismissing it or wallowing in sorrow, I've decided to discuss it! The purpose of me discussing it is so that I can grow and learn from this experience.  Also, so  that I can say to other "mom bloggers" or mom's in general "this is what happened to me and this is how I handled it".  I want to stay true to the purpose of my blog and why I actually began to write in the first place.  To reflect, plan and think about issues important to me.  It's like therapy for me.  Just like a songwriter writes a song after a bad breakup, I am writing a blog post about my experiences{good or bad}. 
I received a comment from a STAHM(stay at home mom) from South Carolina.  She was commenting on my post If These Walls Could Talk" .  She basically read the post and took my comments literally! She started attacking and judging my parenting skills on a few fabricated statements and exaggerated quotes in my post,  instead of on the facts and evidence.  At first I was hurt and saddened by her comments but then I realized that attacks like these are way to common in the "Mommy World" and even more common on Mom Blogs.  In fact there is even a coin phrase called the "Mommy Mafia".  If you're not familiar with them than let me explain.  The "Mommy Mafia" are those women who feel it is there duty to enforce social structure norms and lay judgement on any other parents who dare to do things differently.  Many of the "hot button" issues of parenting have become the makings for a real life mommy mafia turf war!
For example, the lines that are drawn between breastfeeding moms vs bottle, disposable vs cloth, working moms vs STAHM, public school vs homeschooling.
The reality is moms are constantly being judged on how well there children are doing and the degree of their commitment. 
It's no secret than women and girls bully each other.  Hollywood even made a blockbuster movie entitled "Mean Girls".   

The difference for me is that I'm no longer in high school and insecure about myself and the decisions I make.  I guess this is one perk of being in my 30's and more comfortable in my own skin.  Not to say that it doesn't hurt when you are being judged but how I deal with the judgement is definately in a more productive way.  I feel no need to lash out or fight back.  I want this experience to make a difference in the lives of others and to set a good example for my kids on how to deal with bullies.  As a mom it is my job to recognize bullying behaviour and to address it in a healthy manor.  Just like I tell my children not to stoop to a bully's level and take the high road, I too refuse to engage in this negative behaviour.
At the end of the day, we are all  just moms trying to do the best we can with the circumstances we've been given.  We must always remember to support each other in our parenting decisions instead of tearing each other apart and being critical of one another.  I hate to think any of you have ever been bullied but that is just naive of me.  I would love to have an open discussion about some of your bullying experiences from school, work, neighbours etc.  Please leave me a comment and how you deal with bullies in your own life! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why you should go to the next Mom2Mom Sale.

Today I had the most wonderful morning.  The pleasure centers of my brain were most definately stimulated!  This morning I went to my first Mom2Mom sale in Lindsay, Ontario.  The name is pretty self explanitory but if you're still wondering what a Mom2Mom sale is then I'll explain. 
A Mom-to-Mom Sale is essentially a huge sale where you can buy gently used baby and kids' items directly from sellers. You can get great deals on second hand baby clothing, kids' clothing, toys, games, furniture and gear.  You are also introduced to some local Mompreneurs!
A friend of mine had a table at the sale so I went to drop off a few of my  own baby items, hoping to make a few $$$.  I wasn't really planning  on buying anything but when I got there the deals were too hard to pass by. 
I was also surprised to see so many Momprenurs at the sale.  I went thinking it was much like a indoor yard sale but surprisingly I was blown away by all the crafty moms promoting and selling their hand-made goodies.  I think I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of ETSY and this sale was like shopping on ETSY but without the shipping. 
Before I mention any of the amazing Mompreneurs or their products I want you to know that I did not receive any monetary compensation for promoting these individuals or their products and any statements made are strictly my opinions.  I am promoting the following mompreneurs because I feel they have good products and I am more than happy to use my blog platform to raise awareness about other hard working moms!

The first items I purchased were made by Little Leggings By Lynn She is a local Mompreneur who creates unique handcrafted children's fashions and accessories.  She was very pleasant to deal with and her products were absolutely adorable.  I bought some of these and some of these.    Her prices were very reasonable.  $8/pair of leggings.  This is a steal considering some baby boutiques sell them for $20+. 
After I had bought one of her dresses I realized it had one flaw.  Many of the Etsy designers are switching to a safer style pillow case dress pattern.   Long straps near the the necks of young children could possibly endanger a child.  The one I bought had straps that you pull to tighten and loosen the dress around the neck.  Overall, I think she has a great business started and she will definately be getting more purchases from me.

Next I stopped by Little Jenny Wren's table.  Jen is a mompreneur who has a love for upcycling and crocheting.  I purchased these two items

She had a wonderful assortment to share with her customers.  She makes adorable hats, chenille bibs, hair accessories, crayon roles and upcycled kids clothing.  I absolutely love her idea of upcycling clothing.  
I even convinced her to give me a lesson on threading a sewing machine.  I am so going to hold her to that promise!   Definately check out her Etsy store for your little ones or  your next baby shower purchase.   

If you are looking to experience some true sewing talent you need to check out Terri's Krafty Korner from Janetville, Ontario.  She can be reached at
I chose to purchase two of her handmade reusable lunch bags similar to these ones. 

Reusable Snack Bags are a great alternative to zip lock bags

100% designer cotton exterior. The interior is made with water resistant food safe nylon with an easy Velcro closure. Easy to clean. Wipe out with a damp cloth to clean or machine wash and line dry or low tumble dry.
Also, how cute would it be to give this pouch to a child to carry their crayons, small toys, or anything you can think of. 
Her prices were outstanding.  One reusable lunch bag was $4 and anything comparable on Etsy sells for $6.50-$8.00.  She was also selling quilts, blankets, and charm bookmarks. 

If you are looking for "loot bags" for a birthday party or need a baby shower basket made, then you need to contact Mama's Loot Bags.  Angela and Sandra, are the owner and creators of Mama's Loot Bags.  They base their business out of Peterborough, Ontario.  They are two moms who started this business as a way to earn an income, all the while balancing the demands of a family and spending quality time with their kids.  They have a selection of gender based goodie bags in the $6-$7 range.  These are the two that I purchased much to Sapphire and Opal's delight!

The company also delivers inside Peterborough and they can customize to suit the theme of the party! 

I also want to note that the Mom2Mom sale is not all about baby products.
Amanda O'Neil is a very successful local consultant of Pampered Chef. She had a table that she used to book shows, promote Pampered Chef products and she even gave visitors a chance to win a free piece of Stoneware. 
Amanda is very engaging and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to those "oh so delicious" pampered chef recipes.  She is very familiar with all the Pampered Chef products because she uses them on a daily basis while cooking for her kids and husband. Her success as a consultant has earned her several trips.  She is also a wonderful volunteer in our community and has held several Pampered Chef shows with proceeds being donated to charities. 

So if you are a representative of Avon, Party Lights, Mary Kay then maybe you could consider getting a table at the next Mom2Mom sale.  

Finally, I wan't to offer these few tips to make your trip to a Mom2Mom sale go as smoothly as possible.

  • If you can not leave your children at home then a good idea is to come with a smaller sized stroller or baby carrier for smaller infants.  It was very busy and those big strollers are extremely difficult to manouver through a crowd of people

  • Be kind and bring some smaller change with you.  A lot of the used items were priced at $1-$5 and most people came with $20 dollar bills in their wallets 

  • Bring a reusable bag with you to stash all your purchases

  • Always try to barter with the sellers.  Most moms are very willing to negotiate pricing or throw in an extra book or bib with any purchase you make.     
If you are wondering when the next Mom2Mom sale is in your area than keep checking the local paper. 

Make a bath toy in 2 minutes

This craft took me less than two minutes to create and I spent a whopping $1 on sponges!
I thought the kids would love them for bathtime but they didn't even make it that far.  The kids took them outside with a bucket and played with them.  I should have put them to work washing the van.
If these instructions were not clear enough then you can visit   for a video tutorial!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Left, Right, Left !

Not sure if all kids have this same problem but mine definately do.  Putting shoes on the wrong feet.
My kids are notorious for putting their shoes on wrong.  I've harped at them, I've warned them their feet would grow backwards, I've bought stickers for inside their shoes but nothing seemed to work.  We haven't even attempted shoe laces yet because I'm so frustrated with this hurdle.  To be honest I had stopped worrying about it all together.
Then I saw {this craft} at

The kids liked this simple and easy craft and the shoes stayed orderly for 24 hours!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

M&M gift card Giveaway Contest

*****Contest Closed*****

Prize Time!!!!!!!

So, here's my very first "Giveaway" contest!  I wasn't sure what my demographic audience was yet since I'm so new at blogging so I thought I would keep the prize fairly neutral! 
So, after 2 months into my blog I've noticed that I'm not generating as many comments as I would like.  I was about to pathetically start begging people to comment but then I thought I would rather reward readers for their efforts then have them feel sorry for me. 
I love to publish posts but in all honesty I would much rather publish a post knowing I have people reading them.   
So, if you would like win a $25 gift card to M&M meat shops then all you have to do is leave me a comment on any of archived posts and you'll be entered in the contest.  The more comments you leave the more times you'll be entered.  Contest opens today 1030 am and will close May 1, 2010 at 1030am.  Comments must be posted between this time in order to be entered.  A winner will be randomly selected using an online source called contest winner picker(odd name but it does the job without being bias) 
I'm dying to hear from all of you!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Simple "Earth Day" Crafts

I was still trying to use up those left over plastic easter eggs.  So, Opal and me made litter bugs while Sapphire was at school and Pearl was sleeping!  These "Litter Bugs" are the good kind because they collect litter as you can see by the trail that follows them!  These "litter bugs" eat trash and make excellent fertilizer for our gardens!

I adapted this idea from a craft we made at playgroup today (actually I did it while Opal played.  Saphhire is much more interested in  making crafts than Opal .  Must be a boy/girl thing!)   It's swing ball.  The idea is to get the ball into the cup by swinging it into the air and holding onto the cup.  
This is suppose to be planet earth and the ball is suppose to be a piece of garbage. (Ignore the fact that I glued planet earth upside down)  I thought decorating the can to look like a recycling box would be another cute idea.  Just another way to teach your kids about recycling and littering that is interactive, fun, and economical!  
Total price of crafts $0 (all recyclables)
Total time to create 20mins
Seeing the smiles on my kids faces when they got to play with the crafts-Priceless

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are You Green Guilty

I didn't really start blogging with the intention of having a theme to all my posts, however, lately my focus seems to be on self revelations.  So today my self revelation is that I HATE TO RECYCLE.    Not only is it inconvenient but it takes up space and it's SO confusing.  Oh, and having to remind my husband every Monday evening to take out the recycling has become beyond frustrating.  Recycling has it's own language and last time I checked, I'm pretty sure I'm not a foreign linguist.  Therefore, it's my job to learn this foreign language.  For example there are something like 13 different kinds of plastics to recycle.  Let's be honest, with the daily grind of work and family, I resent the fact that I have one more job added to the chore chart. 
Despite all this, I AM A DUTIFUL  RECYCLER! (most of the time).  So why do I recycle?  Guilt is one reason. Also, because I watch the show "Horders" I am encouraged to purge everything I own on a weekly basis.  Honestly, I would like to think that my recycling involves me on a very basic level and this makes me feel good.  When I feel good I am empowered to do more.
Nonetheless, I still have lots of green confessions to make. Speaking of green confessions, there is actually a catholic preist in England that travels to environmental festivals and accepts green confessions.  Also, there are websites sprouting online with the soul purpose of letting the green guilty confess-anonymously.
After taking a proactive analysis of my lifestyle I have found a few areas where I could do better.
For example, I still use disposable diapers.  Sorry but it aint gonna happen.  Not willing to switch to cloth!!
I remember my reusable bags when I shop, about 50% of the time.  The other 50% I'm too lazy to run back out to the minivan to get them.  I don't bring a reusable cup when I get my coffee at Tim Horton's or Starbucks.  I haven't encouraged my kids to use both sides of the paper when drawing pictures.  I run the dishwasher at least twice a day when I could easily wash them by hand.  The list could go on forever but I think you get the picture(on both sides of the page).
With Earth day approaching next week,  April 22, 2010 to be exact, I started thinking about what our family's carbon foot print is.  Don't you just love coin phrases like "carbon foot print".
To be honest I did feel a little guilty. So, I did a little research of facts that would be relevent to me and my family.   Not the boring facts that make you want to yawn!! So here are a few that got me motivated to do better.  (I could only find american statistics)

  • Americans use 4million plastic bottles every hour.  Only 25% are recycled
  • More than 20million hershey kisses wrappers are made each day.  This is equivalent to 133 sq miles of aluminum foil that is all recyclable
  • If we recycle 1 aluminum can we would have enough energy to run the TV for 3 hours(350,000 aluminum cans are produced every minute)
  • 1 aluminum can takes 500 years to decompose and the modern glass bottle takes 4,000 years
  • 1 billion trees in paper are thrown out each year.  500,000 trees must be cutdown to make 1 single run of the NY times Sunday paper
  • Plastic garbage in the ocean kills 1million sea creatures each year
  • The highest point in Ohio is "Mount Rumpke" which is actually a mountain of trash at the Rumpke landfill site
So, what can we do to make small yet measurable changes.  Awareness is the first step.  I have personally made a pledge to make the following changes:
  1. I will unplug the printer so that Sapphire can't print off 50 sheets of princess coloring pages while I'm not looking
  2. I will increase my reusable bag usage to 85% of the time.
  3. I will try to precycle and upcycle items in my house instead of recycling or throwing them out
  4. I will collect run off water from our rain spouts and have the kids water plants and trees around the house
  5. I will implement the "bottle cap reward system" with my kids.   I will encourage Sapphire and Opal  to save the plastic cap from every plastic bottle they can find and recycle.  Once they reach 100 caps they will earn a prize
  6. This weekend I will rent two kids cartoons that focus on environmental awareness and have a discussion with my kids about the environment.  ("Happy Feet" and "Curious George Goes Green") 
  7. I will personally consume 25,000 hershey kisses and recycle every foil wrapper
  8. I will start collecting ink cartridges, old cell phones and batteries and drop them off at the local library
  9. I will begin to collect all my hairs that fall out by the handfull (post pregancy thing) and either compost them or donate them to a hair salon that collects hair for the Matter of Trust foundation.  For those not familiar, this foundation is a charity foundation created by hair stylist Phil McCroy.  He developed hair mats that are used to help soak up oil from the estimated 706 million gallons of oil that enter our oceans each year
  10. I will stop yelling at my husband and start yelling at my kids to take out the recycling every Monday night.  At least this way the whole family is getting involved. 
I promsie to follow through on all 10 of my pledges!!

I also want to point out a few of my favorite websites that you can check out with your kids.

For those curious individuals, here are a few pics to show you how the rest of the world recycles


Australia (rubbish sounds so much better than garbage!)



Finally to quote Jean Paul Richter, "Do not wait for extrodinary circumstances to take action, try to use ordinary situations."


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome back 80's

The other day I was in the mall and I noticed a distinct trend in fashion.  Lots of bright neon colors and throw backs to the 80's fashion.  Then I realized that all the trends that I grew up with were now considered "retro".  Wow, what a way to make you feel old.
So I came home and decided to take a trip down memory lane.  Thanks to google images I can now relive my favorite things from my childhood.    Shall we......

My Top Ten Favorite Toys

  1. Rainbow Bright

  2. Care Bears
  3. 3.Glow Worms
    4.Barbie Rocker
    5.Lite Brite
    6. He Man and She-Ra. I  grew up with 3 brothers so we had both!
    7. Popples
    8. Strawberry Shortcake and Friends
    9. Teddy Ruxpin
    10. Skipit!  I rocked at it!
My Favorite Cartoons Of The 80's

My Top Five Favorite Cereals Of The 80's

1.2.                           3.

4.                       5.
(I thinked I liked them more for their commercials than their taste!)

Top  Five Fashion Trends of the 80's (according to a 6-10 year old)

1. Bannana Clips              2. Charm Bracelet

3.Crimped hair

                                                  4. Jelly Bracelets
5. Jelly Shoes

Honorable Mentions

Pac Man &  Donky Kong

We had an Atari growing up but when I was about 8 or 9 we got our first Nintendo as a family gift for Christmas.  Oh, the hours spent playing Super Mario Bros and Zelda with my brothers!

Garbage Pail Kids-  Disgusting but oh so entertaining

Neon rubber sunglasses-  I remember getting a pair of these as a reward for a school fundraiser
Sunday nights at our house we always watched the Wonderful World of Walt Disney and Alf

Fraggle Rock
New Kids On The Block

Plastic lunch boxs and soup thermos
Jem Jem Truely Outrageous!

These images bring me back to a time of innocence,complete joy for life and a love for all my treasured possessions .  
After reflecting on these memories I have decided to start keeping some of my own children's favorite toys in a  time capsule for when they are older.  I hope this post put a smile on your face and made you feel like a silly little kid again!