Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vlog Episode #3 How to remove temporary tattoos

Hey everyone, I'm back again with another vlog episode!  Hope you enjoy!  Ignore the fact I'm wearing my scrubs!  Heading into work soon and hoping not to get stuck there {30 cm= 16 inches of snow headed our way! Yikes}Be gentle with the critiques!  Still new at the vlogging game!  Would love feed back!

Anyone have any horror stories to share in regards to temporary tattoos?  


shopannies said...

when my kids were young I did not let them use temp... tattoos simply because there was a scare around about drugs being laced in them so glad they are safer today

Ourfamilyworld said...

Have no idea how to remove tatoos..
But I know how to remove snow..We are expecting 16 inches of snow.

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Have a great week

KentuckyGal said...

I like the vid! Simple and straightforward. BTW, I am a new visitor/follower from Winter Friends Wednesdays. Unfortunately, my family lives in a dry county so I will have to wait to go pick up a bottle of my favorite liquor...er, I mean temp tat remover. *lol*

Heavenly Savings said...

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mommatojoa said...

Hi new follower here!
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Rachel {BubblyNatureCreations.com} said...

I think the video is great! Lets us see your personality... :)

Sally (the one you know)! said...

I LOVE the choice of alcohol! I hadn't thought of that before. Too funny. I have also used oil-not car oil, but the vegitable kind:0)
One my daughter (6) put a tattoo on her bottom. I was horrified! We try to protect our little girls from sexual images, but they get through to them some how. We quickly removed the tattoo and explained that under no circumstances was it okay to put a tattoo anywhere but arms and legs!