Monday, February 21, 2011

St Patricks Day Treat!

Spring Fever has hit Three Jewels In My Crown.  I'm officially done with winter.  Let me repeat, DONE!
Here's the good news friends, exactly one month today marks the beginning of Spring.  March is just around the corner and this makes my, completely swollen valentine's heart, warm and fuzzy.
Why do I love March so much you ask?  It's my birth month of course.  March 13 to be exact. (I expect lots of birthday wishes on this day, so mark it on your calender. In permanent marker so there's no excuses)
Another reason, St. Patrick's Day falls in the month of March.  Now for most people, March 17 isn't really that big of a deal, but when you've married into a Hardcore Irish Catholic Family, St. Patrick's Day rivals all the other major holidays.  (They don't call them the Fightin' Irish for nothin')

What qualifies you as a "Hardcore Irish Catholic Family"?
  • potatoes must be served with every meal
  • the grandparents are direct descendants of Ireland
  • the majority of your family has pale skin, tons of freckles and red hair
  • you must remain community and family oriented
  • the street you live on is named Shamrock road (no joke)
  • you're kids attend a catholic school
Me, my blood line is Scottish!  But isn't everyone considered Irish on St. Paddy's Day?  In fact, St. Patrick himself was considered merely a patron saint of Ireland, he was not born in Ireland.
So, if nothing more, St. Patrick's Day is a day to have a (Sham)Rockin good time!  So dig out your green garbs, dust off your drinkin' mug and join 3 Jewels In My Crown, as we salute the Irish heritage during the month of March. 

To get you started, I want to share this cute pillow box craft that I found online.
The printable pdf can be found here.

Here's the one I made!

I plan on stuffing these pillow boxes with rainbow colored sunflower seeds.  These little pillow box treats would be perfect gift to give your loved ones on St. Paddy's Day, don't ya think? 


Anonymous said...

St. Paddy's Day has been big for me ever since I started Irish dancing at 15. Before that, it was just a day that I wore green to avoid getting pinched. I don't think I even really knew I was a wee bit Irish. But ever since I started dancing, my grandma with the Irish heritage always has to give me something Irish-related. I love it! I do miss dancing, though.

Sally said...

I love the pale-skinned, freckle-faced criteria! HALLOOO, here I am!
I have lived on Shamrock road and am one of the members of the Hard Core Irish Family- though I married an Italian man who has Hard Core Italian Grandparents and Aunt/Uncle. Lets face it, Italians are known for three things: they are great lovers (check;0)-, have great wine (check, check) and can make awesome, delicous, mouthwatering food (drool). We may have St. Patrick, but they kick our butts when it comes to indulging!!

Rachel said...

what a great idea! I love sunflower seeds- especially chocolate covered ones!!!

A Helicopter Mom said...

I'm visiting from the Blog Hop. I'd love a follow back, please. :)

You're so organized, already ready for St. Patrick's Day! I love the snack bags idea below!