Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft Your Own Spring Time Placemat From A Gift Bag

It's raining outside today and that signals Spring is on it's way!  I've had several Spring activities floating around inside my head and these ideas need to be purged ASAP, otherwise my intracranial pressure will exceed 25 mm Hg and treatment will be necessary to reduce it!
{Sorry, I just went all medical on you}

So here's a fun activity that the kids can help you make during the March break.

Upcycled Gift Bag Placemat

Raise your hand if you have plenty of gift bags hangin' around!  *raises hand*
I love gift bags because they're reusable!  This time I'm going to use one to craft a seasonal placemat.  You could also use wrapping paper for this craft but I just happened to have this cute lady bug gift bag at home.  {Frigg, I'm such a bad liar.  Fine...I'll admit to purchasing this gift bag specifically for this craft project.  Why else would I have the matching sticker decals}

  • large gift bag 
  • 11"x14" frameless picture frame  (does that make sense?  If not refer to the picture below)
  • scissors
  • decorative stickers

Cut the string off the gift bag. {Don't throw out the tag because you'll use this as the name plate}  Measure and cut the gift bag to fit the frame.  If you don't have a frame you may be able to use a glossy paper gift bag and cut it to 11"x14".  I'm pretty sure it would be easy enough to wipe down and reuse!

Wait, don't leave.....  I'm not done!
What about a 3D placemat?  Yep, two crafts in one post.  I'm spoiling you today!
Take a look at this Mickey Mouse Placemat that I crafted from scrapbook paper.  Your kids will love eating off this three dimensional placemat.  They may even be distracted long enough for you to introduce a new entree. 

Use an exacto knife to give your paper some dimension.  

O.k., you can go about your day now!  Before you go, I would love to hear about your March break plans!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out today's craft idea!  Be a dear friend will ya... share this craft project with all your pals on twitter and facebook! Thanks!

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These are very eye-catching. Orange is such a versatile color, great for every season.

Poetic Justice said...

Crystal these are soooooo cute! I am totally "craft illiterate" but I think I could actually do these. Thanks for the step by step instructions!

Karren said...

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