Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pet Appreciation Craft-Furry Friend Picutre Frame

Let me introduce you to our furriest family member, Bailey!  He's 10 years old, lazierthen your neighborhood teenager and he smells worse then my kid's 1/2 empty lunch boxes that have been left in their school bag for an entire weekend!!!  He's also the most obedient, loyal and affectionate animal you'll ever meet!  He's a 100% pure bread mutt but I'm almost certain he has a bit of hound in him because he gets instant satisfaction from sniffing crotches, mail boxes, tires, trees, and anything else he can shove his muzzle into.  He's a perfect play companion for my 3 Jewels, provides protection for our family and takes care of all the leftovers.

Do you have a family pet?  What have you done to show appreciation for your pet lately?  Why not dedicate the entire day to pampering your pet?  Yesterday we made a Furry Friend Picture Frame for our dog, Bailey.  

Would you like to make a picture frame for your pet dog?  Here's how we made it...

  • 5x7 picture of your pet
  • a piece of cardboard
  • glue
  • scissors
  • milk bone dog treats
1. Glue your picture to a piece of cardboard and trim off the excess cardboard
2.  Glue your dog treats to the parameter of the picture and let dry

I would love to hear about your family pet{s}.  What type of animal do you have, name, how long has he/she been apart of your family.  Feel free to send pics!   I hope you enjoyed today's pet project!


Anonymous said...

We have two cats who pretty much own the house (which proves the saying that cats own you, not the other way around). Lady is a stray who adopted us and Ross was given to us by a family we know who was moving out of state and I guess couldn't take their pets. Lady does as she pleases, and Ross has pretty much been trained to follow my youngest brother around the house like a puppy dog (although he will show me and my mom affection).

Love the picture frame idea! What would you suggest for the border for cats instead of dog treats? I'm not sure there are cat treats that size (we don't really get them for our cats).

Crystal said...

I love cats too Sarah, unfortunately, Opal is allergic so we have to have a dog.
What about using a cat collar with the bell to line the parameter of the frame. There are lots of cute 3D embellishments to decorate with ie dangle a mouse from the frame or some cute cat phrases! Animal print(ie paw prints)scrapbook paper behind the photo would be cute as well. Have fun showcasing your pet!
Thanks for the comment!

Ashley said...

Hi! No pets right now, but I used to have a chihuahua as a teen and I loved him! His name was Peanut! :)

Following from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! I'd love it if you'd follow me back too! :)

Lots of reviews and giveaways, and a hand made event coming up! Please check it out! :)

~The Reynolds Mom~

BK said...

So cute. I love my animals too. We have a cat, pit bull, dachshund and a fat gold fish lol. Cute pictures. I'm a new follower.

Happy Tuesday,