Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boredom Buster Ideas

Wondering what 12 inches of snow looks like? Cool hun?

Wondering what a couple feet of snow looks like?

This pic was snapped about 2 years ago!  

Well friends, instead of packing for my trip this weekend, I'm entertaining my 3 Jewels, who are home from school today!

Just a quick shout out to my new friend, Sarah Roe of Money Saving Queen.  Yesterday she contacted me to let me know she was featuring my Snow Cone post.  I was flattered! Apparently, Oklahoma was being hit hard with a storm front and everyone down there was a little shell shocked!  To be honest, I've never seen so much traffic from Oklahoma on my blog before!  Hugs to all my new friends from the South!  Hope your coping with all that snow!

If you ask my Mr Connell, {aka my husband~I realized recently that I very rarely mention my sweatheart on this blog. An oversight of course!  Well honey, here's your "15 mins of fame"}he'll tell you he welcomes all this snow. It entertains his healthy obsession with snowmobiling! 

Check out his winter beard!  This is an older pic as well!
He grew it for Movemeber last year. Unfortunately, much to my dislike, he decided to keep it for several more weeks after that!
I finally had to rally the troops on my facebook page to get him to shave it!

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly offer a few "boredom buster ideas" for all you parents who are home with your little ones today!  

The Celery Experiment 
All you'll need is a couple stocks of celery, water and food colour! 

Step 1 Place several drops in a cup of water
Step 2 Add celery stalks to water, making sure not to submerge the leafy part
Step 3 Play a game of mouse trap, followed by a game of candy land
Step 4 Document the findings
Explain to your child that just as people have veins to make our blood flow though our bodies, plants have veins that water flows through. The plants "sucks up the water" from the dirt and the water flows through the
plant.  In this case the celery sucked up the colored water and as a result the leafy part of the plant changed color! 

Still bored?????

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Happy Snow Day Everyone!!!!!


April Westerhold said...

Love the celery idea!

Andie said...

Stopping by on one of the Wednesday blog hop. Great ideas! If the kids have another snow day tomorrow I know how I'll keep us from going nutty :)

Buffi Neal said...

Great idea for a science project. Thanks!
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