Sunday, February 20, 2011

On The Go Snack Packs

On the go kids require on the go snacks.  That's why I try to have perfectly portioned snacks ready
for my Three Jewels.  Show me a kid (or adult) who wouldn't love these tiny snack packs filled with yummy treats.  Like these candy coated sunflower seeds or yogurt covered raisins.  Of course there are tons of healthier options, but remember these treats are perfectly portioned in a snack sized serving!
Everything you'll need to make these tiny packages of yummy goodness can be found at your
local bulk food store.
The miniature bags come in a package of 50 for $2.99.
If you're really ambitious, you could add a treat bag topper.  Check it out
 There are tons of free printable bag toppers online.  I found this cute Robot "Nuts and Bolts" card here

Next time your out and about, just throw a few of these snack packs in your purse and you'll be ready for anything! 


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Great idea :))))

b. lee said...

cute & creative *

Crystal said...

Thanks b.lee, oh wait, you're referring to the snacks! For a second there I thought that comment was aimed at me!lol thanks for dropping by and commenting!