Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello dear friends!
I'm back from our fantastic vacation in the Caribbean!  The results~ 7lbs heavier, 164 more freckles and new appreciation for grain fed meat!   Words can not describe what a fabulous time we had, so I decided to share some of the moments that I captured on film!
This trip was enjoyed by myself, my husband and several close friends.  My 3 Jewels stayed at home to party with our fabulous family and friends!  I won't lie!  It was extremely difficult to leave them behind.  This being said, I'm very thankful we took this time to reconnect, as a married couple.
After months of preparation, this adults only trip, was nothin' but smooth sailing.  This is why I feel obligated to share some of my tips on how to "Vacation Without The Kids".  Showing your kids, you still love them from afar, is the key to conquering separation anxiety while vacationing without them.   Stay tuned, this post will be publish later on this week!

Well folks, hope you enjoy my video clip!

I'll leave with this one final thought...Life Is ShortEnjoy it to the fullest!  If you're thinking of vacationing, then don't delay! Think of all the memories you'll be missing out on if you don't go!  You deserve it!


Rachel {} said...

Your vacation looks wonderful!!! I am so glad you got to go!!! :) we always take a vacation every year even if it is just a short trip close by... it's so good to get away!!!

Jen B. said...

Love this Crystal. You are so right- after months of preparation you deserve a few days as a married couple (the way it used to be!). Plus, kids love staying with relatives- they get away with everything! Photos are great.

This Mom said...

It sounds like you had an amazing trip! I think it's about time for hubby and I to plan a vacation down south. We'll end up going in the summer, which seems silly since it will be fairly warm here anyway, but part of the whole idea is just to get away!!!