Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day 2011-Balloon Pop Game and A Fridge Magnet Caft

Yesterday was a a national holiday, Family Day 2011 to be exact.  This means all three jewels were at home and I was left scrambling to entertain them.  We had originally planned on going to a skating party, however, Pearl fell sick over the weekend and this forced us to stay at home.
The only good thing about Pearl getting sick, (I'm a "glass is half full" kinda gal) was that she napped for 4 hours yesterday.  I know, total marathon nap!  She's usually down and up in about 45 mins.  Although, my sitter swears that Pearl consistently sleeps for 2 hours at her house.  Kids are always better behaved for others, aren't they?  Anyway, I've NEVER had to repeatedly check on my poor little monkey during nap time.  Until yesterday!  Two thumbs down for sick babies!!!

So, what kind of fun did we get up to yesterday while Pearl slept off the sickies?  Crafts, of course, and a good ole fashion game of Rainbow Balloon Pop.  (Rainbows were the theme of the day)   

Just tie some rainbow colored balloons to one leg and let your kids loose to duke it out!
It's actually quite hilarious to watch and extremely competitive! The funny thing is, it kinda reminded me of the mock cock fight that we saw on one of our excursions in the Caribbean.  I almost started throwing down my bets!

Wanna know what was up for grabs if you were the champion of Rainbow Balloon Pop?
You're very own Pot Of Gold!

Next, we busied ourselves making a Rainbow Fridge Magnet.  (Sapphire stuck around for the craft while Opal retreated to play with his trains.  Parenting tip #265-You can't please everyone ever
minute of the day)

This popsicle stick fridge magnet was very simple to make and it's quite cute, don't ya think?.
Start by gluing the popscicle sticks to a piece of cardstock to form a rainbow.  You could omit the cardstock by gluing the sticks to one another but I found it much easier for Sapphire to glue the stick to cardstock first. Then we just trimmed the excess cardstock when it had dried.  

  Next we painted a bottle cap black  to resemble a pot.  Let dry.

For our gold, we painted some mini pom poms with gold paint!   (tip-always try to use what you already have in your craft closet.  It's never wrong to improvise on any craft project you attack!)

The final step is to glue all the pieces together and add a magnet to the back!  I had to pull out the hot glue gun for this part! 

Voila, one rainbow with a pot of gold fridge magnet!

So, did you enjoy Family Day 2011?  What kind of fun activities did you participate in?  
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b. lee said...

sooooo love that rainbow fridge magnet!!! thanx *

Crystal said...

forgot to mention that I used a tie wrap for the hand of the pot!

Rachel {BubblyNatureCreations.com} said...

so cute! love this idea!