Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hey Moms and Dads- Check out this healthy lunch box snack

I'm always on the hunt for tasty, nutritional, convenience snacks.  Just because we lead busy lives doesn't mean we have to make poor food choices.  I recently discovered Praeventia  snack cookies and have been in love ever since.  Not only are they made with carefully chosen healthy ingredients, they come in convenient little snack packs and they're super tasty, not to mention totally cute! 

What makes them different from all those other 100 cal packs we see flooding the shelves? 
  • They contain Inulin, a prebiotic form on dietary fiber (4g per package!!!)
  • They're made with Green Tea extract,Ginger, Red Wine extract and 70% dark chocolate which are excellent sources of antioxidants.  This all equates to a "heart healthy product"
  • It's made with a natural sweetener called Agave Nectar.  This is much healthier than artificial sweeteners and has a lower glycemic index
  • They are highly regarded by nutritional experts

Because these little snacks are heart shaped, I thought they would be perfect Valentine's Day Treat.

I figure a teacher may appreciate the health benefits of this snack cookie ,therefore, I decided to make a valentine treat container for my kids' teachers.

Supplies you need:  
Heart shaped lacing cards or card stock
Choice of ribbon
Praeventia Cookies
Decal for the front {I used a button}

String lace through two cards to form a pouch

Insert a few cookies

Finish lacing cards

BTW-This is not a paid product review!  I just really like these healthy snacks and felt the need to share with all of you!  Have you tried this product yet?  I found them at Costco but I'm sure most grocery stores carry them! 


b. lee said...

thumbs up to the healthy snack & adorable heart holder ... pretty simple too!

Ruth Ann said...

found you on 'I love my online friends' link up!!! I love the healthy snack idea for a teachers valentines day gift! Thanks for the inspiration!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh how cute! I will try this with my older grand daughters; we are always looking for projects! I am a new visitor and follower from 'I love my Online Friends'

Rachel {} said...

these look yummy!!! I love the holder idea.

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Pam said...

LOVE this healthy Valentine!!!