Saturday, September 4, 2010

Iron clothes in half the time!

Lets face it, most everyone hates ironing clothes.  I'll admit I'm guilty of adding extra minutes to the dryer just to avoid having to iron wrinkled clothes.  Ironing clothes is one of life's chores that is extremely boring, yet sometimes necessary.  Like SEX for example!!! (Joking-but I know you smiled)
I bet you didn't know a sport exists that's called extreme ironing.  People actually participate in extreme activities, such as sky diving, all the while ironing clothes.  And here I thought ironing my clothes in just my bra and panties while dancing and singing to Katie Perry's latest hit was considered risky business!  Apparently not! T.M.I? Sorry about that visual for those who know me well!

So, as much as I try to avoid this mundane task, inevitably 10 minutes before we have to go somewhere, my husband meanders up to me with a dress shirt needing to be ironed.  I know what you're thinking.  Tell him to iron his own dang shirt.  My response to this would be, Pick your battles ladies!

So just to make your life that much easier I'm going to share with you a little tip about ironing clothes that actually works quite well.


Just Don't

O.K., tip #1 doesn't count.

When ironing, put a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The foil will reflect the heat from the iron so you can essentially iron both sides at once.

Yep, I just wrote a blog post about ironing clothes!  Just keeping it real ladies, not all my posts have to be about curing childhood constipation (believe it or not, this post actually receives the most traffic), what my husband got me for our 10 year anniversary, or how a salad spinner can save lives.
I hope this post was less boring to read than ironing your husbands dress shirt.  Maybe you could set up your ironing board in front of your pc screen and read some of my other posts.  (FYI-if your new to the blogosphere, click on any green word and it will link you to some of my favorite and most visited past posts)

Have a exciting weekend everyone! 3 more sleeps until school starts which means hopefully we'll be able to chat more frequently.  This means leaving me comments so that I can chat back!
Here's today's community question?
Which would do you consider most boring of the following list?
  • ironing clothes
  • peeling a bag of potatoes
  • sitting through your child's entire Christmas concert even though your special little star has already performed
  • watching reruns of PBS pledge programs 
  • listening to chamber music while waiting for the telephone operator to return to the conversation