Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What kind of award does the dentist of the year get? ~a little plaque~ hahhaha

My kids ask me over and over again why they have to brush their teeth.  I explain to them over and over again the reasons why but it never seems to convince them that it's a good thing to brush and floss daily.  I've even resorted to the "fear tactic" by showing them pictures of gingivitis and rotting teeth.  However, kids this age don't understand the direct cause and effect of taking proper care of their teeth because cavities take time to show up.  They've even witnessed my dental horror stories first hand!
I'm a really big believer in learning through play.  Through trial and error my kids have taught me that I can pretty much get them to do anything if I demonstrate parental involvement and if they have fun doing it! 

I came across this activity online

I didn't have any marshmallows at home so I decided to tweek this craft to make it my own. (Plus I get a strange sense of satisfaction when I use my glue gun.  Yes I agree, it's weird!! However, last time I checked there isn't a self help group for "glue gun addicts" Maybe I could start one!  Good excuse to get out of the house once a week!lol)

This is my interpretation!  Kid's Style Dentures!


  • Cardboard(I found some pink cardboard at the grocery store otherwise you can color it pink to resemble lips/palate)

  • Gum

This kind

Not this kind!

Why not this kind you ask?  Well, if your kids are "sugar addicts" like mine than they will try to secretly eat the sugary gum and not the peppermint kind when you're not looking.  Not a good thing once you've hotglued them to cardboard.  Your kids may have more self-control than mine so this may not be an issue for you!  Also, you can explain to them what a clean and healthy mouth smells like if you use the spearmint kind. 
  • Red construction paper. You could also use craft foam or felt instead.  This would make it more realistic looking
  • Hot glue gun, glue stick,
  • Sissors
  • PomPoms and Googly Eyes
1. Cut a circle out of cardboard and then cut it into half to resemble two half moons.  If you have a denture cup on hand (doesn't everyone keep a denture cup on hand?  No!  Just me) you can use this as a template! 
2.  Glue a piece of red construction paper (cut in the same shape) to one piece of cardboard to resemble a   tongue
3.  Hot glue your pieces of gum to the top and bottom pieces of cardboard to resemble a set of teeth. 
~tip~ I used two whole pieces of gum for the top front teeth then cut the remainder in half
4.  I cut a rectangular piece of cardboard that allowed me to elevate the top palate onto the the bottom palate. This creates the jaw
5.  Glue the pompoms and googly eyes on top
Voila a set of "Kid's Style" dentures to play with!

Other Activities
  • Cut out smiles from magazines to cut and paste like the doggy pic above that Opal chose to cut out!
  • Take "before and after" pics of your child's teeth.  Have your child eat something like peanut butter or you could use plaque detector pre-rinse to highlight the germs on their teeth.  Snap a pic of their "yucky teeth" then have them demonstrate proper brushing and flossing.  Finally, snap a pic of their clean sparkly teeth.  I used the picnik website to add polaroid frames to my pics above.  They look like the kind of pictures taken at a dentist office.  It would be a good idea to tape the "before and after" pics to the bathroom mirror to remind your children about proper brushing
  • Set up a pretend Denstist office.  Your child can pretend to be the Dentist and his/her dolls and stuffies can be the patients.  Be sure to get some stickers or printable rewards for the dolls and stuffies who have cavity free smiles
  • Read some books.  I suggest

If you're little one is in the process of loosing their baby teeth than you must visit the 
I caught the Tooth Fairy website! 
Your kids will never question the validity of the Tooth Fairy because you'll have evidence of their visit.  Receive 50% off with the code fairy-1

Finally, if you're glue gun isn't sitting on top of your kitchen counter like mine is{ for quick and easy use}
 then stick with  the marmallows!
For instructions on how to make this "Marshmallow Teeth" project visit                    
                                            The mother Huddle blog site!

The point is to have a little fun when teaching your kids about Dental Hygiene!

PS- I'm trying not to overreact but Pearl still only has 2 bottom teeth and she is almost 1.  Sapphire and Opal both had at least 8 teeth by now.  Anyone know if this is normal?  I could google it but I much prefer hearing about other moms' own experiences with teeth and teething.  While on the topic anyone have any good suggestions for teething pain?


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More Than A Mom said...

I love this flossing post. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I got more readers to comment by joining the 1000 comment challenge on Harriet's site. I think I wrote a post about it somewhere but you can search it on my blog if you want. You have to post 1000 comments in a month but you get people who like to comment on your blog with their comments too. Very worth it. Good luck!

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Thanks for the tip and for leaving a comment! I'll definately check out that challenge! I'm always up for a good challenge! Did you manage to comment 1000 times in a month?

Janna said...

What a great and fun idea! Visiting via no time for flash cards. So far my 2 year old likes to brush but we have not attempted flossing.

We use Tom of Maines Strawberry toothepaste.

Jenilee said...

great post! how fun! :) my girls love brushing their teeth! :)

The Activity Mom said...

So fun! Stopped by from No Time for Flashcards.

Nadia said...

My daughter would love this activity! Looks like so much fun!

Kaysi said...

So fun!

The Teacher's Wife said...

This looks SO awesome!! I can't wait to find some sort of pink paper to try it out!!!!!

Sarah said...

That's really cute! I do have to say that I have the opposite problem as you! My kids got floss in their Easter baskets as well as their stockings and it was their favorite thing! They are always wanting to brush their teeth...to the point of me having to say, "NO! You can't brush your teeth right now!" Ha! Kids are funny :) Thanks for the great idea!


Rachel said...

Oh how cute! What a great idea! I need this for my second one... the first is a little OCD, but the second needs a little push. :)