Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Falling in Love with Fall!

It's not too difficult for me to "Fall In Love With Fall".  It is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year.
Here's why...
  1. The crisp cool autumn air
  2. The lovely rich fiery colors of the folliage 
  3. The ability to once again cuddle with my kids and husband in our ever shrinking bed
  4. Digging out my flannel pajamas
  5. Finally having something to watch on TV again
  6. Thanksgiving and Halloween.  Then childishly anticipating Christmas' return
  7. Being able to turn on the oven once again and enjoy the smell of Butternut squash and apple casserole  
  8. Sapphire and Opal were both born in the fall
  9. Kids are back in school and life seems to be much more orderly
  10. Burying myself under a wool blanket and reading a fabulous book while sipping on a hot drink
I recently read this quote and it reconfirmed why I love Fall so much...

"If winter is slumber and spring is birth, and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection"~author unknown

Here are a few pics of how I've been enjoying fall this past week

Which season do you love the most?  Maybe you hate the Fall because along with it comes flu season, rainy weather, having to change to snow tires(for my Canadian readers), and the death of your flower/garden beds that you so diligently cared for all summer.
By the way, if you would like the recipe to the Candied Butternut Squash and Apple Casserole with bread crumb coating or the Spicy Ginger Curry Carrot Soup then feel free to email me.  I did link to a recipe above but I have my own versions that are guaranteed to warm your body and soul


Anonymous said...

those pumpkins are absolutely adorable.

Crystal said...

Hey- I'm here on the blog hop. And I'm following you. I too love fall-the colors, the smell of an approaching winter, the crisp evenings that beckon us to come out and play. I really enjoyed your post. I would LOVE those recipes- I'm going to see if I can find your email. Until next time, happy blog hopping.


Allana890 said...

Hey Crystal, Thanks a bunch for the post(s) and for following :) It is definitely exciting getting new followers. I have a longggg way to go but I can't wait :) I will definitely keep you in mind if I have questions... Thanks again!! Have a Great night
.. Allana

Allana890 said...

I forgot, I am now a follower :)

Robyn said...

I love Fall and your pictures made me want to get up and decorate! :)

I received this blog award today and I'm paying it forward to you :) I hope you'll pay it forward as well :)

Remaking Memories said...

Hi Crystal - thanks for stopping by my blog at I still a beginning when it comes to SLR cameras but I prefer Canon over other brands. I'm using an old 10D, but would like to invest in a 50D in the near future. Keep me posted on what you decide to purchase!