Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photo identification labels for your kid's school gear

Well, Opal only had two days of SK this week and already he's mixed up his "indoor shoes" with his "outdoor shoes".  Let me explain for my readers south of the border.  Up here in Canada the weather man throws every possible weather scenario into a empty Tim Horton's coffee cup.  He proceeds to shake the cup vigorously, then he removes the lid and out tumbles the weather forecast for the day. (Kinda like yahtzee)
As you can imagine, this makes it quite challenging when trying to outfit your child for the day.
As a rule, most schools insist children have a pair of "indoor" and "outdoor" shoes.  This cuts down on slush, snow, mud, or whatever nastiness that may perhaps enter the school.  The "indoor shoes" typically stay at school.
Anyway, as I was saying, not only did he mix up his indoor/outdoor shoes but he also came home wearing some other kid's shoes.  How does that happen you ask?  Well, apparently two parents didn't bother to label their child's shoes. (Moi and parent ???)  Add to this, the fact that 4 year old boys couldn't care less about who's shoes they may be wearing instead of theirs.
Needless to say, the shoes will be returned to the appropriate owner Tuesday morning and I was busy this afternoon labeling my kids' school gear.

Initially I was going to print off some labels from an online site but then it dawned on me that most 4 year olds can't read yet (well they may be able to identify their name but probably not another kid's name).  So I decided to make photo labels for Opal's school bag and shoes.

 Photo identification helps children easily identify their items from their classmates.

I used these self-laminating pouches from the $$$ store to protect the label and a key ring to attach it to the school bag.  For the shoes,  I printed a picture of Opal on blank sticker paper that I purchased from Staples.

Hopefully this will avoid any future mishaps.

Speaking of shoes, I wonder if this could be a possible reason why my precious Pearl isn't walking yet at 15 months....

These adorable shoes make a squeeky noise when a child walks in them.  Pearl, on the other hand, (pardon the pun) likes to put them on her hands when she crawls around the floor.   Anyone have any helpful suggestions on how to encourage my very stubborn 15 month old to walk?
Any other label suggestions?


Heather said...

Those are a great idea! 15 months old that don't walk...hold a cell phone out in front of them? LOL I have no idea! But I have a feeling you'll be running soon!