Friday, April 30, 2010

Community Question: Would you be OK with your man wearing Spanx?

So, I was doing a little bit of online shopping and yes I was checking out the shapewear department! Well now, that cat is out of the bag!!
Yes, my name is Crystal and I wear the thigh to boobie crotchless shapewear contraption called Spanx! Please tell me you've heard of them! I'm not afraid to admit it! It's not something I feel the need to wear on a daily basis but for those special occassions they sure do come in handy!  Really though, who doesn't need a little assistance! I have been blessed with the "CuRvY" gene, add to this three pregnancies and of course I'm going to be using shapewear to control the oooooh so delicious "muffin top".
I bought my first pair after Pearl was born.  I was going to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding one month after she was born, therefore, I needed all the help I could get to look "flat and fab"(not flab)!
I remember the first time I let my husband see me put them on while I was getting ready! He didn't have to say anything, I could read his facial expression...."Whaaaat are those?"  When I finished getting ready he smiled at me and told me how lovely I looked!! Brownie points! That's the great thing about unconditional love!
Anyway, like I was saying, I was looking online for some new shapewear products and I stumbled upon Manx{spanx for men}. Basically, it's a undershirt developed by the Spanx company.  It is specifically for men to help banish their beer bellies.  Really?  Then I started thinking, if my man needed to wear a girdle/shapewear would I be as accepting of his new body as he is of mine?
Well, the answer is YES! {let me explain that my man has a very high metabolism.  Makes me sick!!! So, I guess I can answer this question quite easily because I'm not overly concerned about him gaining weight.}
Despite this, how can I expect him to love me with all my stretch marks, and dare I say it "rolls", if I can't show that unconditional love to him in return! As women we are always shouting, "Equality for the Sexes" well then, why wouldn't men want to level the playing field just like women do!  However, what I did find funny is the type of wording used to market the undershirt.  Quote "A T-shirt on steroids, Manx is a body-sculpting undershirt designed to support your core, shave inches off your belly and enhance your posture.” They can't just sell it as a girdle or shapewear, this garment has to have special superpowers maxed out on drugs!!!
Here's the difference in how they market Spanx to women. Quote "Spanx® is the name of the company that makes hosiery-inspired body shaping garments designed to give a smooth and toned appearance to a woman’s figure. Spanx are thin so they don’t add bulk." 
Completely different wording to sell the same piece of fabric!  Marketing!
So would you be ok if your better other half started wearing Manx?  Be honest!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know these existed! I'll have to think about that one and get back to you!

Jonesy said...

OK, so when I first read the title of the blog, I am picturing a man wearing the female version of Spanx, you know, crotchless from thighs to boobies. I almost died laughing at myself. Then I read on, and found out what the man version is. My opinion is going to be based on my man's personality. He would never wear it no matter what anyone said, including me. But if he did decide to, I don't think it would bother me. There are many fashion conscious men out there who would buy it and wear it just as women do. It is just like underwear. No one needs to know if you are or are not wearing it.
I am just really glad there is a difference between Spanx and Manx, so those weird pictures can leave my mind!

Crystal said...

Omg that is funny! I had a mental picture too after I read your comment and very funny indeed! I know what you mean about your man not ever wanting to wear it bc mine is similar but I can name a few "metrosexual" men I know that would probably buy into it!!! I think that's why they try so hard to market them in a "manly" way!

Huguette E. said...

They should, we do :) But no my man would never wear one, he's not the type.

Carrie said...

For some reason, I don't think I'd want hubby wearing Manx.... I'd rather he let the belly hang out. And his metabolism isn't that fast... I've already seen him with some belly, but still I'd rather the belly over the Manx. What this makes me wonder is if he'd be this comfortable with my belly over my spanx. This is a question I shall ask him.... Might cause a domestic... Wish me luck... ;)

Denise said...

Hmmm. This is a hard one. I would certainly accept it, because I agree completely with what you say about unconditional love. My husband is perfectly accepting of the Spanx I wear whenever I wear a skirt or a dress and has even commented on how nice I look when I "dress up," i.e. wear Spanx. But the thing is that, just as I like being the only one in the couple who wears skirts and dresses, I think I like being the only one in the couple who wears Spanx. As tolerant as I am,
is it all right for me to think that I get to wear a girdle because I'm a girl and he doesn't get to wear a girdle because he's a boy?

Crystal said...

To answer Denise's question "Is it alright for me to think tht I can wear a girdle bc I'm a girl and he doesn't get to wear a girdle because he's a boy" I kinda think it's a lot like how some men view women who fart and burp in public. (not saying all men) but for some reason my man seems to think my body is too refined to have bodily functions like farting and burping! Sorry if that was TMI but just trying to keep it real! Double standards exist in this world! That's a fact!

Jen said...

I think if they want to wear it- go for it. If it makes them feel better, than no harm done. But I do have a scary visual now...