Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Bug Valentine's Day Card

Here's another valentine's day card to consider making with your kiddos!  My girlfriend, who has 3 boys, asked me if I had any valentine's day card ideas for her boys to make.  Well this one is for you Joanna!! :)

 Love Bug Valentine's Day Card

Paper Glitter has lots of great free printable cards like the one featured above.  I found these near lifelike bug stickers at the $ store.  {leave the backing on so that the recipient can keep the stickers}

I have to say these stickers are kinda creeping me out a little!
 The bugs look like they could crawl off the page any time now! Yikes {{squeal}}
Have I mentioned I don't like insects?  I guess this is why God sent me 2 girls and only 1 boy!
I guarantee the recipient will go "buggy" when they receive this valentine's day card!
I mean that in a good way!

Hugs and Kisses Everyone,


jamfiescreations1 said...

Very cute card. Great idea for the kiddos.

Jo said...

Hey! Brent & I are looking at those snazzy bug stickers and think they ROCK!!! Bugs & Boys - a given!
I'm flattered - thanks so much! You do a beautiful job on your crafts. Thanks Doll! Love ya!

Rachel said...

this cracks me up... my girls would be saying eww...LOL! :) Very good for a boy though!

Stephanie Rempe said...

I love your blog too, cute crafts! I used to be a pre-k teacher, so I love kids crafts too! I've never done it before, but I would love to be a guest blogger anytime, just let me know. -Stephanie

Debbie said...

Those bugs are creepy!!! Great craft idea though. Following you back.
Debbie from nofiltermom.blogspot.com

Texas Type A Mom said...

New Tuesday follower! I hope you'll follow me back!

Debbie Does Coupons said...

Following you from my Tuesday Tag blog hop. Please come back and follow me at http://debbiedoescoupons.com

Ron Cooper said...

Hi Crystal,

I’ve been following your neat blog from Tuesday Tag, You’re It blog hop. My Facebook page “Inspire” has inspiring messages. Stop by!


Mahmood Ali said...

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