Monday, January 17, 2011

Vlogging about my recent speeding violation

What do you think of my costly reminder to obey the speed limit? 
Here's an interesting fact!  The very first speeding ticket ever issued was to a MAN named Harry Myers.
He was charged for driving twelve miles per hour.

What would you do if you were pulled over by a cop for speeding?  
Would you challenge his/her authority or offer up complete submission? 
I suggest being very polite and doing exactly what the nice cop with the big gun says.


Jo said...

Hey there Hon,
well, I empathize with you at shelling out fifty bucks
HOWEVER... since you asked...
My opinion is to take his extension of grace {dropping the charge so no demerit points involved} and pony up and pay the money.
Guilty is guilty.
It's not the end of the world, it's not a major offence, and at the end of the day you live with yourself and your conscience.
Pay for your mistake, learn the lesson and continue on being thankful {I love that part of your vlog - good job Crys!}.
Love you all the way to there and back to here!
do the right thing, Chicky!

Crystal said...

Thanks Jo for the great advice! I think owning one's mistakes shows tons of character! I'll take the high road on this one!

Jonesy said...

I am wondering, if you choose to dispute it and th cop DOES show up for court, and he tells the judge that he already dropped it, are you going to be left with your tail between your legs? That is what I would be wondering for myself. I got caught going 90 in a 60 and she knocked to 15 over, which was the same as yours, no points and $50. I payed it because I was scared to confront her in court LOL

kolfinnas korner said...

we got a warning for speed over the weekend. now we know the speedometer is off, however we did get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. hubby didn't have his on. it's tough putting one on over a thick winter coat! The officer was very nice. :-)

Jenny said...

Found you via blog frog.

Our city lets you pay a fee and attend traffic school. Since you don't have but two choices, I say pay up.

Jo said...

Crys - this is the best choice for a lot of reasons! I'm proud of you taking the high road. Have a great vacation away! Love ya!