Monday, January 3, 2011

Yikes! My Very First Attempt At Vlogging!

Talk about jumping in feet first!  As part of my New Year's Resolution to get in front of the camera more, I put together my  very first vlog post {aka video blogging}!  Bare with me, I'm a novice at this and I'm using my webcam so don't bother adjusting your screen!  Enjoy and I hope to hear your feedback {good and bad}
Too long, too short, did I move around too much or not enough?
Vlogging is a learning process and I need my readers to guide me through it! 


Jonesy said...

Awesome! You are so photo/video-genic!

Steph said...

You're very natural in front of the camera! Good for you for taking this courageous leap into vlogging!
Keep it coming

Crystal said...

Thanks everyone! I won't tell you how many takes it took to get something half decent to post!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Hello Crystal!!! Stopping by from For the Love of Blogs to say hi! :) Good luck with your new year resoultions!!!

♥The Sweet Life♥ (Alessandra) said...

So wonderful! Congrats for your New Year's resolution!!

Sally said...

Its cute Crystal. I have to tease you, though you are in your PJs, your hair looks lovely! Haha!
You did a great job, sound natural and had your script well organized. Its also not over-perfect and I really liked that you showed us your coffee cup, playing on the 'I'm not perfect' is nice that you are presenting yourself as you and not Super You:)
I don't have a new year's resolution; but I might start actually keeping up with these blogs, er VLOGS!

Jo said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEEING YOU! Reminds me how much I miss you tho-
You did a fabulous job, next one, may I be so bold as to request the following:
*eating chocolate cake and using a French accent???? :) LOL!!!

Remember your PEI Fans!