Thursday, January 6, 2011

Origami Fortune Teller Valentine Card

I'm seriously starting to get a migraine from all the craft ideas building up in my head!
Wait, maybe that's the "Christmas/New Years hangover headache" that I get every year.  Can anyone relate?
I desperately need to purge some of these ideas so that, I can once again think clearly and become a productive part of society.  This means, I'll be sharing all these crafts with you in the near future.
Right now my focus is on Valentines Day.
I can't seem to decide on which valentine cards, Sapphire and Opal will hand out to their classmates this year.  {Here's a fact you need to know about me~I'm horrible about making decisions}
That's why I'm asking for your help.  I'm going to be posting several different valentine card ideas in the month of January.  At the beginning of February, I'll ask everyone to vote on which one they like best! 
The valentine card idea that gets the most votes will be the one my kids hand out this year!!!
Let's get started.....

Idea #1  Origami Fortune Teller Valentine Card

This paper game has to be one of my faves, when I was a kid .  I love the element of surprise that this game has to offer!  Here's the interesting part, I don't remember using fancy scrapbook paper for mine.  Kids today are so spoiled! lol :)

Here's what you'll need: 
*fancy valentine paper
*stickers (numbers 1-8, valentine sayings and symbols)
*glue dots (don't worry I'll explain)
*sticker earrings for the final prize

 Yes I realize this photo shows letters and not numbers
I swear they're in the pile.  Underneath perhaps

Start by folding your paper according to these instructions.

Next apply your stickers.  I placed valentine decals on the outer four and numbers on the inner eight folds.
On the inner most part of the paper I placed cute valentine quotes.
Refer to following pics if I'm not making any sense!

Here is the best part, I placed a set of sticker earrings on one of the inner most folds.  This is intended to be the final prize!  This is also where the glue dots come into play.  Leave the earrings attached to cellophane backing.  Cut a set apart from the rest and apply a glue dot to the back of the cellophane.  This will allow the child to claim their prize once they discover it. 

Well there you have it.  A Valentine Fortune Teller Game to give to a  special friend.
Once again,  here are the folding and game instructions.

BTW-Have I told you lately that...


Jo said...

HA! I was making these out of plain white paper, like in the good ole days, with my three jewels too! they didn't quite grasp the concept of counting and flipping just one, but I love this idea for valentine's day. Do you have a boy version suggestion?
GREAT IDEA... but are you making 20+ per kid for their whole class? UGH!!

Jo said...

don't tell me... that comment didn't post? AHHHHHHHHHHH

Angela said...

My 7 yr old loved this idea. I was worried we would have to start now in order to fold 24 cards for the 14th. She said why don't we just use plain pink or red (girl or boy) paper and give them to the kids unfolded. She is going to write one for boys and one for girls and then we will copy them onto the colored paper and roll up with the instructions in a pretty ribbon and maybe include a pencil. Tadah! Wish us luck!