Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My secrets to stepping on the scale!

Weighing In~Anyone who embarks upon a weight loss journey, be it 5 lbs or 150lbs+, at some point has to step on a scale.  I'm pretty sure I've **finally** perfected the art of "weighing in".
Yep, I'm about to spill my secrets!
Listen closely, because I'm about to help you shave ,at least, 2 lbs off your current weight. 

You can thank me any time now! 

Seriously though!  Obsessing about the number on the scale?  Stop! Now!  It means NOTHING!  Your overall health means everything!  Small changes each and everyday and long term thinking will be the difference between success and failure! 


shah wharton said...

Hi - Here from thursday hop - I'm following you - return the love at - All the best Shah. X

Rachel said...

I like your thinking! :P

Sistergirl said...

So how did you do this week? How much did you lose? What was the hardest thing for you?