Saturday, December 18, 2010

{Santa's Magical Key}

How does Santa access your house?  
We make it easy for Santa to drop off presents by leaving him a {Magical Key}

On Christmas eve we hang this {Magical Key} on the front door knob.  This way Santa can enter our house without having to burn his britches, while sliding down our chimney.  Only Santa can use this {Magical Key}!  It won't work for anyone else!! When Santa is done using it, he hangs it on the Christmas tree and then sneaks into our kitchen for a quick nibble.  

Attached to the{Magical Key}is this poem

Take this "Magic Key" tonight
Hang it on your door so tight
Santa's on his way to you
in his sleigh with presents too,

He tip toes in, not missing a house
Jolly old Guy, Quiet as a mouse
Whispering magic and joy in each Child's Ear
Comes to deliver some Holiday Cheer! 


Stephanie said...

This is such a good idea! Our baby is only 13 weeks old...but it's a good tradition!!!! (found you from the blog hop and following!)

Liz said...

A perfect idea! I will have to steal it...thanks for sharing!

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Monica said...

What a cute idea! I am now following you as well.

Shelley said...

Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
God Bless,
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Bethany {3SonsPlus1} said...

What a great idea! I'm now following along and would love it if you stopped by my blog to follow along too. Blessings!

Nicole Bouchard Boles said...

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Christina Williams said...

What a great idea! Especially for people who don't have a fireplace. Anyway, thanks for following. I'm following you back! You can add your blog to my free directory at
Have a Merry Christmas!:)