Friday, December 17, 2010

Introducing Pearl

Have you met Pearl yet?  She's the 3rd jewel added to my crown.  Pearl is actually her blog name, and in many ways, this name is quite reflective of who she is outside the blogsphere.{It's also her birthstone}  She's vibrant, round and completely precious.

She's also, more destructive then any tornado that's ever ripped across the fields of "Tornado Alley". 
I'm thankful for her captivating eyes because her high pitched screams can break the window panes of any century home. 
She is a big believer in daily skin treatments~oatmeal and yogurt to be exact.  She hasn't actually been to a therapist yet, but I'd bet my left kidney in saying she has Lachanophobia aka veggie paranoia.  
Somehow, unbeknowst to me, she has taken the stance that all vegetables have been laced with poison.  
Her boycott of certain foods has no end in sight, therefore, I continue to somewhat entertain her love affair with carbohydrates.{and chocolate chips in a tea cup}

Her favorite activity is
                               ...a good ole fashion game of "hide n seek"!

She is and always will be my baby girl!  Say hello to Pearl everyone!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie! And I'm just like her: I also love carbohydrates (specifically bread) and chocolate :)