Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Decorated Wine Glasses For The Kids

Hello again friends,
Just taking a break from a very busy holiday week to say hi and send holiday hugs your way!
The Christmas adrenaline continues to propel us, as we gear up for our New Year's eve celebration.
On the menu for friday night~Good food, fun, family and friends! Very cliche but truly the most important components of a great party!

Right now, I'm on the hunt for these puppies

Single portion wine glasses~Genius
Wouldn't this be a great product review?  Nothing but compliments after 3 glasses of Riesling!
I'd love to have a few handy for New Year's eve, but so far, I'm not having much luck finding them locally.

Today we started prepping for our low-key, kid-friendly, New Year's eve party.

The kids are very excited to be drinking from these plastic wine glasses that they helped decorate.

 Did you get a glimpse of the cute wine charms.  I had to scream when I unwrapped these wine glass jewels.  They're sooooo pretty!  This picture doesn't do them justice, I swear. {plus the fact, they're twisted around a plastic glass} I'm easily amused as you can see!

We also had fun making these edible party hats.  We dipped some ice cream cones in melted chocolate and decorated them with sprinkles.  Very cute don't ya think?

What do you have planned for New Year's Eve?  BTW-anyone know where I can score some of  those single portion wine glasses? Tomorrow we plan on making some jello shooters for the kids and the adults!


Crystal said...

Love the wine gems! Also love the idea of the single serve wine glasses -where ever could they be? That would be fine to do for a wine tasting night with the girls!

Crystal said...

I'm thinking of making the LCBO do the leg work and order me some!

Anonymous said...

I think my parents have some of those wine gems, only with wine-related charms on them. The kid-friendly wine glasses look cute :)

My NYE plans are the same as always: watch Disney Channel's NYE special and other New Year's specials. Lame, I know, but what else is there to do for a girl who doesn't hear about parties?

Crystal said...

Sarah, I would invite you to our New Year's Eve party if you lived near by! I'm pretty sure Thomas The Train will be interrupted to watch the ball drop in Time Square

Anonymous said...

Thanks Crystal! And I'm the same way with the ball dropping - I have to watch it!

jamfiescreations1 said...

What wonderful decorations and treats, especially the kid wine glasses. Happy New Year!