Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Be Inspired

It's another insanely busy week around here my friends.  Today,  I'm refusing to feel guilty for not posting my own original material.  Instead, I'm allowing myself to "stay calm and be inspired" by all the other amazing bloggers throughout the blogosphere.
I subscribe to many different blogs and I'm constantly fascinated by everyone's creativity!  High five to all my blogger pals out there!  You Rock!

Check it out, here are a few posts that I've come across recently that have inspired me!  

Christy from "Glitter To Gum Drops" posted this adorable cookie cutter wreath



Check out this great craft project by Courtney at "A Diamond In The Stuff"


Once I tend to my bruises, from the over zealous parents at the kids' Christmas concert last night, then I 'll be back at the creativity block again!  


Candace said...

New follower here! Oh those are all so cute, I laughed out loud when I saw the gingerbread house on the cup rim.