Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Five Solutions On How To Handle Leftover Halloween Candy

OK, so now that you and your little goblins have devoured your fair share of Halloween candy,  you may be wondering how you should handle the leftovers. {There are leftovers, right?}  

Today I'm going to share Five Solutions On How To Handle Leftover Halloween Candy

 1. Embrace your evilness (this is Halloween after all) by hauling your kids' stash of candy into your workplace, extorting it on coworkers who don't necessarily need it.
2.  I felt slightly guilty about my last suggestion so I'll follow it up with this one!  Donate your candy to the Candy-For-Cash program or the Halloween Candy Buy Back initiative.  The Candy For Cash program was started by Calgary dentist, Dr. Kindal Robertson, three years ago.  The dental center will give your children $1 per pound of candy donated.  Last year, almost 900 pounds of candy was brought into his office.  "Kids are actually enthusiastic to give away their candy for money", said Robertson.  Unfortunately, they chuck the candy unlike the Halloween Candy Buy Back initiative who donates the candy to troops who are deployed overseas.    The Halloween Candy Buy Back also offers children $1/pound.  You could also encourage your dentist to register for these programs if they haven't done so already.  Opal and Sapphire participate in their school's "hard candy drive" that puts together shoe boxes filled with treats.  Their school sends these boxes to the fortunate kids living in third world nations.
3.  Do you have a cookie exchange on the horizon?  Want to experiment with a new recipe that involves mini chocolate bars?  I suggest you visit a website called The Recipe Goldmine
4.  Encourage your kids to empty the candy into a airtight container that can be used for decorating gingerbread houses next month.
5.  Finally, it would be totally immoral to get rid of all the candy they worked so hard for, so why not ration some of it.   You can mix it into healthier snacks such as popcorn and raisins.  Use it as rewards.  Make a Thanksgiving or Christmas pinata and fill it with the leftovers.  Mold the chewy taffy, tooth decaying, candy into creations.  Make jewelry out of it {candy necklaces or rings).  Make Christmas tree decorations (OK, this idea calls for a separate blog post-stay tuned).  I think you get my point so I'll stop!  There are hundreds of ideas and I want to hear yours.  Let me know what you plan on doing with all your kids' leftover candy!

Our snack for tonight!  

Combine popcorn, raisins or dried cranberries, smarties, crackers, hemp hearts.  You could also combine nuts and granola/organic granola bites for a high fiber/protein snack.  This is a healthy alternative without making your kids you feel deprived (let's be honest, we're just as concerned about our ability to resist the candy)
BTW- This would be a great time of year to make this craft with your little ones!


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