Monday, November 8, 2010

Last minute handmade gift idea

Here is a simple, yet elegant, gift to make for someone dear to you.


This week I had to purchase several gift cards for some dear friends of mine.  Gift cards can be a very practical gift to give, however, they can be received as somewhat impersonal.  
I wanted to add a little personality to the gift cards, without having to spend anything extra.
I decided to make these cute "inspirational stones".  
With each gift card, I included several stones, that represented the receiver.  For instance, one friend received some stones that said, "nourish" "make" "cook" "love"~ This friend has a deep passion for cuisine.   
These stones can be given to practically anyone.  Teachers, new moms, friends, neighbors etc.
They are extremely simple to make and cost next to nothing.  In fact, Sapphire (my 7 year old) did most of the work. 

The glass pebbles cost me $1.99 for about 100.  Here is the printable pdf file I used. 
I cut out the words and Sapphire glued them to the back of the pebble.  We finished them with a coat of modge podge.


Is it not amazing how you can describe someone in as little as 5 words?  
If I were to make stones for you, what words would you pick to describe yourself?


Mommyto2 said...


Crystal said...

I wanted to put 5 stones in the last pic to represent me! oops I put 6.
How I describe myself...I love to "shop", I love to learn "think", I love to "travel", of course I love to "write", I consider myself somewhat "creative" and I can't read the bottom one so I'll leave that up to you! How would you describe me if you were to choose what the bottom stone says?

Crystal said...

OMGosh those are so cool! I can't wait to try them...and my kids absolutly love crafts- any crafts- they will think these are great!!

Hanna said...

Hi there! I found you on the Friday blog hop!! I am following you GFC and also now via Twitter:) If you stop by to see me make sure you have a *peek* at my handmade giveaways:)

Jen B said...

I love these!

This reminded me of a silver stone that I have my husband on my wedding day. It said love on it. It came in some fancy box with a saying about keeping it in your pocket, and rub it to think of me and feel the love.

I'm sure you could find a similar poem online.

I'm going to take a stab at these for stocking stuffers!

Anonymous said...

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