Saturday, November 13, 2010

How to make a Jingle Bell Christmas Wreath

Well, after a long week at work, I'm back doing what I love~spending time with you and crafting!

Today we started crafting this year's Christmas decorations.
Check out this beautiful Jingle Bell Wreath that we made.

I saw a similar wreath at Michaels craft store recently.  I fell in love with it instantly but I hated the thought of spending $29.99 on it.  That's when I decided to make my own.
I purchased my supplies (from the same store) and in the end it only cost me 1/3 of the original selling price to make it myself.  {I'll do the math for you so you don't have to think ~ it only cost $10 to make!!}
I'm totally loving beautiful things that don't cost a lot of money. 

Here is my step by step tutorial so that you can get started making your own.

Gather your jingle bells and wire

 {We started with this garden wire ring but I couldn't bend it once I had the bells strung on it, so I switched to a more pliable wire that I found in hubby's garage}

String your bells on the wire or better yet, enlist the help of your kids for this part

Twist the ends together then adorn with ribbon and your decoration of choice.  I chose a pretty white butterfly and a pink ribbon bow.  I used my glue gun to adhere the decoration.

Once again, here's my wreath after I completed it

This was such an easy project that I'm thinking of making several more to give away as Christmas gifts.  
Have you considered making handmade gifts for Christmas?  


Jen B said...

I love this. I've always wanted a jingle bell wreath- but not the price. I have not seen loose jingle bells before- good find.

Crystal said...

I would love one! Very pretty, where did you get your bells?

Crystal said...

Michaels craft store sells the bells but I'm sure you can find them at any craft store or dare I say it, "Walmart"

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

Looks great! I love making a few Christmas gifts every year.