Friday, November 19, 2010

Trade up your holiday crystal candy bowl for this cute alternative

There's just something warm and welcoming about seeing candy displayed, for guests to indulge themselves,  during the holidays.  Somehow it reminds me of my "younger years".  I distinctly remember sneaking candies from the beloved crystal candy dish, that sat upon the dining room table at my grandparents house.  I think every grandparent has a crystal candy dish, strategically placed somewhere in their house.   Just like every grandmother has a bag of scotch mints hiding in her purse. 
There's nothing wrong with a traditional crystal candy dish.  In fact, I have several in my china cabinet.  I just think that sometimes it's nice to mix things up.  Put a little spin on a traditional item like the crystal candy dish.  


Here's a cute alternative~Why not use your cookie cutters to display your candy?

 Simple, sleek and inviting!

What about 3 silicone baking cups displayed side by side on a white platter?

By the time I got to this shot the candies were getting a little sparse!
What can I say, my creativity is fueled by chocolate!  

And of course, the nurse in me wants to remind you to put a cute serving spoon next to your candy display. 
It's never fun getting sick over the holidays because of a party you attended. 

I hope you consider getting a little creative with your holiday traditions this year. 


jamfiescreations1 said...

I love this post, and all the great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. I will have to try something new this year.

sk_tx said...

Thanks for visiting and following Welcome To My Kitchen. come back anytime for a great recipe or Feature Me Fridays.

Anonymous said...

We've done the traditional crystal candy bowl before. Empty within a couple hours of the first person arriving. The cookie cutters idea is new - I love it!