Monday, November 22, 2010

Two more christmas crafts to make with the kids

F.Y.I. to all  3 Jewels readers~ The holidays have taken over this blog!  I'm seriously trying to post on other subject matter but I quickly find myself reverting back to holiday crafts, food and decor.  My brain is full of great ideas and I can't seem to pump them out fast enough.  I promise to present other blogging material just as soon as all the gingerbread cookies have been baked, the tree has been trimmed and the gifts have been packaged.  In the mean time, if you're feeling "grinch"~ish then be sure to check out any of my past posts via the link within widget or my sidebar.  Why not?  You're already here so you might as well stay awhile!         

Yesterday we capped off a great weekend with a trip to our local Santa Clause parade.  There really are no words to describe the magic you feel when you stare into the eyes of a child who still "believes".
This picture makes me wonder how much longer Sapphire will BELIEVE.  

Today we busied ourselves with a couple Christmas crafts.

Opal was home with me today, so I had to be sure that the crafts we made were geared around a little boy's interests.  

We started by making a helicopter Christmas tree ornament

Step 1  Gather a clear plastic tree ornament, pom poms, popsicle sticks, ribbon and glue gun
Step 2  Glue popsicle sticks to tree ornament
Step 3  Fill with pom poms and attach ribbon to hang it with

Next we decided to dress up like RUDOLPH the reindeer.

Opal loved that his nose could light up like Rudolph's nose.  To make this nose, we painted an egg carton brown and added gold glitter.  We poked a hole in the center and inserted a battery powered tea light.  Next we attached some pipe cleaners so that we could wrap it around to the back of his head.  Finally, we attached some brown pipe cleaners to a headband to create antlers.  Fairly effortless and it created lots of fun for the afternoon

Hope you all had a great weekend and a nice start to the week.  Hope to see ya back here tommorow!


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What a cute idea!

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OK both of those are SO cute! Great job. Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All!