Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who really owns this house? Me vs The Toys!

Do you ever feel like your kids' toys have TAKEN OVER your personal space?  They creep in one by one and then all of the sudden, the "toys" have claimed ownership of your house.  Don't get me wrong,  I don't mind hanging onto toys that will never become antiquated; it's the "pointless, good-for-nothing, happy meal toting toys that pierce the bottom of your foot as you walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, that bother me".  {ok take a deep breath.  Sorry about that grammatically incorrect very long run on sentance}    
So today I had a very serious conversation~~with the TOYS.  I explained to them that they were no longer welcome in my home.  I told them that I would make the transition from my home to another home as pain-free as possible.  Initially I felt as though they were mocking me.  See for yourself

                                                                         Exhibit A

 To be honest I kind of felt a little bit guilty as I recklessly tossed the toys in to a reusable sack.  It felt as if  I were tossing little kittens into a pillow case; later to be disposed of.   I told myself I was nothing like "Cruella Devil" {oh wait, she was the puppy snatcher not the kitty killer}  Anyway, it was pretty emotional for both of us.  Not to mention a very difficult power struggle.

So what do you think?  Do you think I followed through with this unspeakable act?  Did I give away a bunch of my kids' toys without their consent?  Do you feel as if the toys have taken over your home?
What toy from your childhood would have caused you to seek professional counselling if your mother had thrown it out without your permission?   Have you checked out this post?  Have I overwhelmed you with questions?

I'm going to leave you with these few snapshots of the nonsense I had to deal with today.

                              Wishing I could crawl inside Opal's head when he was playing with these two toys


Jen B said...

Great post! Toys are everywhere. When the lights are dim, you are bound to step on a few!

I think you are ok with giving away some of your kids toys- especially ones they don't play with. I sometimes take away my son's toys and hide them for a while, and when i bring them back out- he is so happy!

To help organize, I bought the dollar store mesh bags meant for washing laundry and put all of one toy (puzzle pieces, little people, etc) and zip it up and then put it in a bin. Then Toad has to come and find me and I will open it for him- if he doesnt have 230498234098 toys out already.

I loved my My Little Pony. I have one. I'm sad that I dont have any of my Barbies!

Crystal said...

That's too funny Jen B. My all time favorite toy was a plush purple my little pony! I would have been devestated had my parents gotten rid of it. I wish I still had my glow worm. Great idea about the mesh bags. You could organize them into categories. ie farm stuff, kitchen supplies etc

Sky Princess said...

You have a cool blog! Love the Rainbow Bright!

New follower (Sharon Young) from Boost My Blog Friday. Please follow back:

Jill said...

Hope you had a great halloween!
Just wanted to let you know that I featured your CD case luminaires on my Round Tuit post this week.

Thanks so much for linking this great project up!
Hope you have a fantastic week!