Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A new approach to teaching site words-glow in the dark sight word wall

Teaching little kids how to memorize sight words doesn't have to be boring.
I came up with this fun and interactive way to help my kids memorize their "Word Wall Words".

I wanted some of these but I was too cheap to purchase new plastic magnet letters so I grabbed some of our glow in the dark paint (recently purchased for our halloween decorating) and let the kids paint the letters they already had.  I used a magnetic cork board to display the words.

Now Sapphire and Opal are having fun practicing their sight words while lying in bed at night when it's "lights out"!!!

I'd love to hear your feedback.  What do you think of this idea?  I promise I'll give you all my left over halloween candy if you leave me a comment.  Speaking of candy, what would you say is your favorite halloween treat, now or as a kid?  Me- Candy Kisses hands down!


The Activity Mom said...

Ahhhhh that is so awesome and clever! =)

Jen B. said...

I love this idea. I always had a word wall in my classroom, for a few reasons. One, the kids get to see the words, you can do a lesson on alphabetical order, and when they needed to know how a commom word was spelled, they had a "dictionary" right on the wall!

The glow in the dark idea is great- especially if they are magnets and you can use the letters over and over.

Another idea is to use a cookie sheet, or even the dollar store burner covers as your "blackboard". These are really portable and small enough for little hands. /I love using these when doing word families. Put "at" on the board, and have kids add a beginning...b to make bat, h to make hat, s to make sat. It really helps with figuring out how it works when the kids can move the letters in to place on their own.

About the candy- kisses are not bad, but i love Rockets. However, our rockets are different then rockets in other places. I'm talking about the little discs that taste like sweet tarts!

Crystal said...

Jen, I love the burner covers idea. Much more portable. Also the recreating words by substituting letters is great!
Thanks for adding such wonderful insight to this activity

Teresa Choplin said...

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