Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Inspired Lunch Box-Time To Freak Out Your Kid's Lunchbox

The only time of year I can pretend to be enthusiastic about making lunches is when a holiday is on the horizon. 
Seriously though, it's a toss up between which is more boring; the current season of "Dancing With The Stars" or making 3 lunches each and every day?
That's why I take the opportunity to inject a little fun into such a boring task.

I decided that once a week for the month of October I would "freak out" the kids' lunches.  I'm going to switch up the day this happens each week, adding to the eliminate of surprise.   Check out Sapphire and Opal's lunches for tomorrow.

Check out what Pearl got to sample while "Mummy" made lunches.

Vanilla pudding with green food coloring

I must tell you that it took me 45 minutes to assemble the lunch boxes and $9.00 in miscellaneous $$ store items but I'm sure the look on their faces when they open their lunchbox tomorrow will be priceless. 

What solutions have you come up with to deal with the "boring lunchbox" dilemma?  What's your child's favorite lunch snack?
I could use all the tips I can get since I have plenty more years to make lunches!


Kimberlee said...

Now that is not a boring lunch-box, LOL!
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Jen B said...

I love this. I have a great idea for you- maybe for my guest blog post! LMK!