Thursday, October 21, 2010

Make your own boutique style hair accessory

I'm very proud of the fact that I grew up as a so-called "Tom Boy".  I had 3 brothers to wrestle with and I would describe myself as a typical Canadian "rink rat" {a kid that hangs out in a hockey arena}
Surprising as it may be, I wasn't at all interested in anything "girly" for the better part of my life. 
Therefore, according to Murphy's Law, I was destined to produce offspring who fell into the "girly-girl" category.
When Sapphire came along with her full head of hair, I felt lost and totally out of my element.  
I actually taught myself how to french braid by watching "You Tube" videos.  {No Lie}
Hair accessories soon cluttered most drawers in our house.   
Unfortunately, I wasn't very keen on paying the hefty price tag attached to most boutique style hair bows.  
So I began teaching myself how to make them.  It's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.
I ended up purchasing one of these

 This was my first attempt and I think it turned out O.K.
                                      I saved myself time by ordering the korker ribbons online here.

                                              This bow costs me about $1.00 to make.

                                                       The possibilities are endless

The Girly Things website offers easy to follow instructions for making all different types of bows and clippies.

I guess the point of today's post is to inspire you to try something new.  A few years ago, I was embarrassed to say I had no idea how to braid my daughter's hair and now I'm tackling handmade boutique style hair accessories.

Happy Crafting everyone!


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