Monday, May 3, 2010

The Top Five Most Annoying Kid's Shows

Before I start this post I want to warn you that I'm going to be talking about kid's TV shows {which means, yes, my children watch T.V.  They also read lots of books, make crafts, bake, play outside and live a very normal childhood} I am also aware of all the warnings about letting young children watch television. The idea that TV numbs the brain and causes the child to go on autopilot.  Therefore, if you are the type of parent that swears you never let your child watch T.V. then you might want to quickly exit this blog and check out  "The perfect mom's blog"  next door! It's just a few clicks away from this blog!
Sorry I didn't add a link!  How's that for a bit of a disclaimer and a lot of sarcassim!
By the way, anyone recogonize the doggy on TV?  It's our doggy, Bailey!  Stay tuned because later this week I will be writing a post on some of the best online photo editing sites!  Thanks to the internet you don't have to be a great photographer anymore!  There are some pretty amazing photo editing sites online that can take any amature photo and doctor it up to make it look professional! 

Like I was saying, my kids do watch the occassional cartoon or kid show and as their interests change so too do the shows they watch.   We have digital cable which offers several different kid's channels to choose from.
There is however, a few shows that I Refuse to let my children watch!  Not because they portray acts of violence or innappropriate humour, but simply because I would rather have my eyeballs readjusted than have to watch or listen to some of the following shows.

Second disclaimer- Some people like thongs others like granny pannies!  I think it's great to have your own opinion on certain subjects.  These are My opinions!  I welcome all of your comments/opinions!   

The Top Five Most Annoying Kid's Shows On TV

  1. 4 Squares -4 Squares is an interactive show that allows preschoolers to explore four separate art forms: song, rhythm, poetry and dance.  Sure the bright colors and cute music is entertaining for the children but it drives me absolutely bonkers!  The dance crew, Corpus, is way too energetic and need I mention the extremely tight dance costume that poor girl has to wear.  It showcases every rib and compresses her poor boobies!  I'm sure the male dancers in the crew have a reduced sperm count as a result of the unfortunatly tight fitting costumes they have to wear!  Captian, Hup! Also, the puppets that sing along with the Do-whahs have incredibly annoying voices!  Could they not hire some kids that can actually sing to be the voices of these puppets.
  2. This Is Daniel Cook- I would love to be behind the scenes on this show! They must have to do a lot of retakes!  I can't quite put my finger on why this kid annoys me so much but he does.  I think it's  his lack of patience, his lack of attention to the guests,  and his whining.  I much prefer Emily Yeung.  I just don't think Daniel Cook portrays good listening skills or appropriate behaviour.  
  3. Caillou-First of all, have you ever heard of that name before!  Where did it come from? Also, why does he have no hair at the age of 4 but his 2 year old sister Rosie has a full head of it?  Then I have to point out that this kid is constantly complaining and whining about something in every episode!  I swear it rubs off on kids.  He desperately wants to go to school like his older friend Sarah but this will never be a reality for him.  He never has a birthday, therefore, he will forever remain 4 because the opening song says so, quote "I'm just a kid that's Four...."     
  4. Yo Gabba Gabba- no explaintion needed.  It's just WEIRD!
  5. Lazy Town- More like Crazy Town.  I just don't get the concept of this show.  What is up with the creepy mustache on the town's villian Robbie Rotten?  I also have to point out the scary plastic puppets.  The entire show makes my eyes burn!  I'm Serious!  However, the muscles Sportacus is sporting, the show's superhero, save it from being in the #2 spot on my list!
Well, I always say I hate to end my posts on a negative note, so I'll finsih by telling you my "top five must watch kid's shows".

The Top Five Must See Kid's Shows

  1. Elmo's World- Even though he is a little overmarketed, I still love Elmo and so does every child under the age 2.  He is so cute and cuddly!  I just love when he talks to babies.  He has a fish!  He plays the piano!  He sends emails, he rides bikes, he ties shoes, he recycles!  Really, what hasn't Elmo tried?  Also, I have to mention he is on one of the best and longest-running kid's tv shows, Sesame Street!  Totally educational and entertaining.  Two "tiggle me elmo" hands down!
  2. Mickey Mouse Club House-This show is on the family channel and it's one of Opals favorite shows.  It is gender neutral, it's fairly educational and totally innocent!  The characters are classic, problem solving skills are put to the test and even though the "Hot Dog" song is pretty corny it's so darn cute when Opal tries to dance like Pluto!!   You can never go wrong with Disney!
  3. Mister Maker-This is one of Sapphire's favourite shows because it's all about crafts! It is the ultimate children's arts and crafts show which teaches and entertains in fun and imaginative ways.  If you've followed my blog at all,  than you know how much I enjoy making crafts with my kids.   I think crafting is a great way to educate, practice fine motor skills and  bond with your children!  This could easily be on the top of my list but Elmo and Sesame Street have been around a lot longer.
  4. The Backyardigans-I like this show because it teaches kids to use their imagination!  This is what childhood is really all about!  Thinking up the most fantastical adventures!  They each have their own unique personalities that make the show interesting. Austin is the quiet and shy one; Tasha is strong and opinionated; Uniqua is dramatic; Pablo tends to panic a little and Tyrone is pretty easy going.
  5. Word World- This is a fantastic show for young children.  It's a fun cartoon that teaches spelling! In this computer-animated show, all of the animal friends, main scenery, and "props" are made out of the letters of their word.  There is a dog made out of the letters d-o-g, a house formed from the letters for house, etc. The adventures of these animal friends center around building items from the letters that form their word. For example, when the pig is "baking" a birthday cake, he grabs the letters c, a, k and e then when he puts them together, the word animates to form a cake. 
Just to add a bit more leverage for controversy! ( I hear this is a good way to spark conversation on a blog)
I found {this} website that makes you question why Scooby Doo and Shaggy were such slackers or if that sunglasses wearing Chester Cheetah had high levels of THC circulating in his body!  Enjoy!

What shows could you easily sit down and watch with your kids?  What about the shows that make your toenails curl?  I'd love to know what you think!! Drop me a line or two!


Melissa D said...

How could you forget Max and Ruby? That is the #1 most annoying kids show ever. I won't let the kids watch it. Where are the parents and why dose Max always get his own way? Caillou is a very, very close second (I won't let the kids watch it either). I do like your top 5 list. The only one I would find room for is Super Why.

Crystal said...

Max and Ruby get honorable mentions for sure! Has a representative of Max and Ruby ever declared where the parents are?

Anonymous said...

"In the Night Garden" freaks me out. About a month ago, I lent The Muppet Show: Season 1 from the library. What a laugh!!

Crystal said...

Oh, yes in the night garden. All three of my kids like it and I can't figure out why! Those little people scary me two. You know, 30 of them sleep in the same bed!
I bet the Muppet show brought back some memories.
We used to watch it and the muppet babies!

justicecw said...

So funny! My son used to love Caillou and I would always steer him toward the books instead of the show because I thought the show was odd!

Crystal said...

This post popped up and I can't believe I didn't comment on it. I cannot stand Caillou or Franklin - both whiney brats and the kids eat it right up and start whining just like them when they watch it!

Four Square - my kids also loved it and we were ready to rip our hair out when it would air for the millionth time of the same episode on Treehouse. I agree about those suits...poor pancake boobies.

When I was in school we actually studied the Disney movies and pointed out all of the sexual references and picked them apart to the point of being ridiculous. They are based on old fairytales but some of the symbolism they came up with was just insane.

Daniel Cook - ugh...why oh why he was chosen. Emily Yeung is much more polite and enjoyable to watch. That's so Weird - a show Zoey LOVES and it's hilarious - they did a spoof on Daniel Cook -