Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Money in the Bank Craft!

When the kids were a little younger I used to pay them with Canadian Tire money if they completed their chores.  For those folks abroad, Canadian Tire money is a loyalty program by Canadian Tire. It consists of coupons, issued by the company, which resemble real currency and can be used as scrip in Canadian Tire stores, but is not considered a private currency. The notes are printed on paper similar to real Canadian currency. (definition according to wikipedia)  It's hard to explain something you've always known and grown up with.
As they become older and less naive they've started to realize Canadian Tire money can only be spent at Canadian Tire.  The problem with this is, most of the things they want can't be found at Canadian Tire.  Therefore,  I've had to start dishing out the real thing.  While visiting a blog that I follow and I came across {this} cute craft!  I know, totally freaking cute eh?
I couldn't help myself, I had to run out to Micheals and get the supplies I needed ASAP!  When I got there I realized that the shadow box was a little more money than what I wanted to spend!(between $14-$20.  I'm sure I could have found them cheeper elsewhere but I didn't time to run to several differnt stores looking)
Instead of getting discouraged, I just decided to improvise!  I saw some cute clear plastic boxes on clearance for $3.99 and then headed over to the Scrapbook section for decorations.  The scrapbook supplies were on sale 30% off.  I totally scored some great stuff.  I even managed to get some things to make a Mother's Day craft.  (Don't worry I'll show you the Mother's Day Craft later on this week.  Did you really think I would show you two great crafts in one blog post! Not a chance!)   

{click on photos to enlarge}

I liked Opal's better because the cardstock was textured and sparkly green, which reminded me of money! 
I also like that the top of the plastic box comes off for easy access to the money (have you ever tried getting money out of most piggy banks!  I know, total PITA!)
Total Cost               $14.00 for two banks vs $14 for one shadow box
Clear Plastic box x 2 $8.00
Scrapbook supplies  $6.00

Ok,  I guess I'm a sucker!  You win, I will show you a second craft in one blog post after all! 
I was feeling bad that I made Sapphire and Opal something, so I had to make something for Pearl. 
Without giving away the Mother's Day craft, I had some leftover animal print velvet textured card stock and the scrapbook paper I used for the two money boxes were textured  as well.  So, I decided to make this.

A cute "touch and feel" book using pictures printed from the computer, some textured paper, some felt, googly eyes, craft foam, metal book rings and glue.  Sapphire was a good help with this project.  It's basiclly a cut and paste craft.  However, Pearl wanted to pick the googly eyes off.  Therefore, I'm not sure if it's a great craft for babies.  She loved to pet the animals though.

So, who is going to attempt the dump truck shadow box bank?  I would love to see a pic if anyone tries it!!



This Mom said...

Those are adorable! You beat me to a piggy-bank post that I have scheduled later this week. (I always have a few posts drafted and scheduled in case things get too busy!) I like how you improvised with cheaper materials - they look terrific!

Crystal said...

Thanks, I love to schedule my posts for a later date also. This way I can keep the posts going everyday even though I don't always have time to put together a post daily! I usually take 1 or 2 nights a week to create draft posts for the entire week! Great feature! I must admit my heart is still set on making that dump truck bank. Maybe I can make it for a birthday gift for one of my nephews. If anyone comes by some cheaper shadow boxs please email me!