Friday, May 7, 2010

Fondling Fondant-Great Cake Gone Bad!

<-----------So, apparently I need this BOOK

In two weeks we are going to be celebrating Pearl's 1st Birthday!   It's a zoo theme so I called a local cake decorator because I wanted this cake--->
with --------->these animals on top!
When she told me that it would cost $100 I nearly dropped the phone! 
I've purchased the grocery store cakes before and they range in around $40.  I was almost certain my husband would have a TIA(small stroke-sorry-just practicing my medical lingo since I return to work in 3 weeks! YIKES) if I spent $100 on a birthday cake!  I'm pretty sure that's what we spent on our wedding cake.  Feeling very adventurous, I decided to attempt this cake on my own.  I've played around with fondant before but never to this extent.  Well, are you ready for the results?  Brace yourself on the arms of your computer chair! 

{Go ahead and click on the picture to enlarge it.  You need to see it up close to fully appreciate how amazingly bad this cake is}

Yes,  I give you permission to LYAO
There are no words to describe how horribly wrong this cake is!!!!!
At this point I wanted to toss the cake in the garbage and cry about the $20 in fondant I just spent. 
However, I'm not a quitter, I really, really, really was craving cake for dessert!  
So, I scrapped the fondant, and whipped out the chocolate icing!!
Nothing makes you feel better than a oooey gooey double decker chocolate cake!  Raise your hand if you're with me!
This is what we had for dessert instead of Pearl's trial cake!

{yes that is a monkey's head on the cake.  The short version of the story is that Sapphire ate the legs, body and arms before he made it to the cake!)
Only a slight improvement from the fondant cake but it tasted a whole lot better!  Who really likes the taste of fondant anyway?
My lessons learned

  • $100 to make the zebra cake above is not overpriced. 

  •  I'm not a cake decorator and that's ok with me! 

  • It's ok to mess things up. At least I tried

  • Never leave a fondant monkey that you just spent 1 hour creating on the counter overnight.  Why, you ask?  Because your sugar addicted  6 year old will most definately eat it for breakfast!

Finally, this is the last craft that we made for Mother's Day! 

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Have a great weekend!
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Crystal Q said...

I have spent a lot of money on cakes, I love, love, love chocolate and I love that I don't have to do the work! lol I will tell you that most cake makers will say that Zebra stripes and working with black fondant is by far the hardest, black fondant tends to bleed into the other fondant colours so don't feel too bad - it's nearly impossible.

Crystal said...

The video tutorials online make it look so easy! I now have a greater appreciation for the talent that it takes to make such amazing cakes!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I am taking a Wilton class right now and on a whim decided to make a fondant cake for father's day today. Let's just say I should have waited until I completed the class. Don't feel bad, I truly think fondant isn't for beginners. If you want to laught at my cake, check it out:

P.S. There is nothing better than a oooey gooey double decker chocolate cake!!!