Thursday, May 27, 2010

The craft that scares Pearl and causes her to hide under her bed!

My inspiration for this craft came from Maria at "Make and Takes".  I thought it was adorable and it looked really simple to make.  Not to mention, I've been dying to get my glue gun fired up again.  It's been over a week now and I'm starting to get the shakes.  I'm seriously consideing bronze dippiping my first glue gun so that I'll have it as a keepsake.  Makes me wonder what strange and crazy items have been requested for bronze dipping. 

Of course I had to google it!  Otherwise, I'd be lying in bed tonight thinking about it.

Apparently, many strange and crazy items have been subject to bronzing.  Including this bra!  Even a McDonald's hamburger has been bronze dipped. 
See, I'm not that weird after all.
Have you ever considered bronze dipping a precious keepsake?
No? You should try it.  You can buy home kits
{In case you're wondering, bronzing is a process in which an item is encased in a layer of pure copper. The copper is oxidized and then polished to achieve a lustrous shine thus creating a lasting and memorable keepsake.  I've done a couple pairs of baby shoes) 

Are you not wondering what the story behind this bronze dipped bra is?  Leave me a comment and I'll tell you.  It's actually quite fascinating

Ok, back to this week's craft idea. 
Isn't this Monster Step Stool Cute?
Yes I realize Opal has two different socks on. 
This seems to be "par for the course" in our household
Apparently, {this} craft didn't help to solve my missing sock problem.

All of the kids loved this stool and actually ended up fighting over it.  Well, that is except for Pearl.  Every time Pearl sees this step stool she freaks out and starts crying.  I've found her hiding under her crib one day while Opal tormented her with it.  This is the same child who is afraid of the dandelions that brush up against her leg.  My poor delicate child who is scared of a step stool.  Totally putting that one in her baby book.


Anonymous said...

I've bronze dipped a pair of hockey skates and a set of ballet shoes for my twin girls. This is to remind me of how different they were growing up. Cute craft

Tracy said...

That's cool, A bronzed bra! I've never bronzed anything before....I probably should with the baby shoes though :O)

Tracy said...

A very cute craft by the way, very creative!

C said...

I was thinking of doing the bronzed baby shoes thing! So, what's the story behind the bronzed bra? I'm intrigued!!! :) xoxo

C said...

Love to foot stool, btw! Tooooooooo cute!! As for the mismatched socks...I am convinced that there's a void in outer space somewhere or a black hole that CONSUMES socks and renders them all partner-less! LOL!

Crystal said...

I've given up with trying to buy mates to socks. Instead I've decided to only purchase white socks. This way they all match!

Crystal said...

Ok since you asked I'm obligated to tell.
This particular woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before she had her double mastectomy she bronze dipped her bra as a souvenier bc she knew she would never need it again!
Sad, honorable and makes we thankful for my small b cup boobies!

Mommy Moment said...

Thanks for linking-up your craft post on Mommy Moment!
What a cute stool!!!