Sunday, August 1, 2010

Do dirty hands signal a healthy imagination or are they a red flag for germs?

All kids are tactile learners.  They learn from physical contact with their environment as they explore the world around them.  My children are always finding exciting ways to get their hands DIRTY! 
I used to be one of those moms who was on team "Let a kid be a kid" and  "Don't worry if they eat a little dirt.  It'll strengthen their immune system"

As a health care provider, I have a small problem with this model of thinking.   As you're all well aware, most illnesses are passed through direct contact. Everyday we accumulate germs on our hands from a variety of sources, such as direct contact with people, contaminated surfaces, foods, even animals and animal waste.  The only way to rid yourself or your child of these germs is to wash the hands or use an alcohol rinse.

Awhile back I saw this video  The dirty truth about shopping carts  (must watch video to fully appreciate where I'm headed with this post) on the Today Show and I suddenly had a different perspective on purchasing one of these.                   
For example, Pearl is teething right now.  Let me explain what I mean by "teething".  This insane (but totally adorable) child throws a temper tantrum if I try to interfere with her chewing on human flesh, steal bars, the tires on the minivan (seriously, I found her hugging the back tire and chewing on it the other day).  I honestly think someone needs to invent a baby rawhide for teething babies. 
Last night at supper I handed her a cob of corn and she shredded that thing quicker than your curtains getting caught in the vaccum cleaner.  For a split second I actually contemplated letting her take the empty cob to bed with her as a form of pain relief since the pacifier wasn't cutting it anymore. 
After supper we took a trip to the store for some retail therapy.  I plopped Pearl in the shopping cart and immediately she bit down on the handle .  After a few slobbery seconds the Today Show video popped into my mind.  Yuck!!!! Gross!!   I  frantically grabbed the baby wipes and some hand sanitizer and started scrubbing the cart.

So what do you think?  Is this a form of hyper-parenting?  Do you wipe the carts before you use them or do you carry a cart cover with you?  Anyone have any novel ideas on how to protect my kids from the yucking germs found on public surfaces? I love these and carry them religiously in my diaper bag!  Would you ever purchase a disposable sleeve for your child to sneeze into or wipe their nose on?
Maybe you have a suggestion for what type of flavour would be best suited for my baby rawhide invention?  
If you have any thoughts on this subject then please drop me a line!


Beth said...

Following you back and totally freak out about shopping carts! They ick me out! I'm ok with real germs like dirt and grime, but can't stand the ones left on shopping carts, escalators, and the like! Thanks for stopping by!
Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub

This Mom said...

Hi Crystal - I am anal in so many ways, but I think I try to block out the germs issue, otherwise I might not be able to survive! I don't wipe off public surfaces, for myself or my kids, but reading this makes me second-guess myself!

Thanks for being my second official button-grabber! One day soon I will designate a spot in my sidebar for other people's buttons!

Kate @ This Mom Loves

Mass Hole Mommy said...

I ALWAYS wipe the cart. Ew. I'm your newest follower btw.

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

Hello! I'm a new follower,,,would you check out my blog? Thanks

Ron Cooper said...

Hi Crystal!

I’m already following you, but wanted to say Happy Summer! Stop by my blog any old time!


smashbravo said...

Good morning, new followers from Making Friends Monday. I have always been a germ freak about shopping carts, doors and anything else out in public. Its nice to see how many stores have started to hand out wipes at the entrances. I always carry a bottle of antibacterial with me plus we have a bottle in the car that I make everyone use as soon as they get into it.
Everyone thinks I over do it, which I probably do but I can't help it.

Then again... I also wash my hands like a 100 times a day so you should probably pay me no

See you later, have a great day!!

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