Saturday, August 14, 2010

Egg Carton Bulletin Board Craft

As you can tell our family loves arts and crafts.  I feel it's important to support and honor a child's creativity by displaying it for others to see. Unfortunately, it's impossible to save and display every single "masterpiece".   
Like most parents, I used to file my kids' artwork in the G&R folder late at night. (G&R-garbage and recycling)
Now, we've dedicated a "intentional display space" in our kitchen to show off selected creations of Sapphire, Opal and Pearl's.
The artwork goes up and down quite regularly (once a week we switch it up).  The artisan gets to choose which piece is worthy of the display center. (remember less is more).  
We always take a picture of the old display before we introduce new artwork.  This way, children can look back on their creations after it's reached it's final destination (G&R or possibly their artwork portfolio)

As you can see our display center is nothing special but it serves the purpose.  I could have purchased another cork board but this is much more creative and it cost next to nothing to make.
Visit here for instructions


  • 3 Egg Cartons
  • Scissors or x-acto knife
  • Masking tape
  • ribbon, yarn or string
  • Hole Punch
  • Optional: Paint, glitter and other decrotive items.
Cut the lids off the egg cartons leaving the bumpy part of the container. On one leave the flap that you use to close the egg carton with but with the other two cut that piece off.
Using masking tape, secure each carton to each othe. Make sure to leave the egg carton with the flap on the outside.
Punch two holes in the flap approximately 4" apart.
Tie a knot on one end of your ribbon, yarn or string big enough so it will not be pulled through the hole. Pull string though hole leaving the knot on the backside. Pull the end of the string through the second hole and tie a knot.  I opted to spray the egg cartons with brown paint and I added a top coat of gold glitter.  You can decorate yours how you like but I prefer to keep the focus on the artwork instead of the display center.