Monday, August 30, 2010

Five Fabulous Fine Motor Skill Activities

The return of school is just one week away for most children in our area.  
(A sigh of relief is heard across the nation)
Today I put together a Fine Motor Skills Activity Box for the kids to play with.
You may be surprised to learn that there are many activities that kids can participate in that will help strengthen their fine motor skills and inevitably help them hone their printing and writing skills.
Fine motor skills won't develop over-night, but with time and practice.
Kids need to practice using the muscles in their fingers and hands in order to develop the necessary coordination required for printing and cutting.    
Like I've mentioned before, I am a huge believer in learning through play.  Here are some activities that my kids are engaging in that will help them develop their fine motor skills and pre-printing skills in preparation for school next week.

1.  Make some FrootLoop necklaces with pipe cleaners (tip alert-store pipe cleaners neatly in a paper towel roll)
2. Make a bracelet using a pipe cleaner and straws. Cut straws into 1/2 inch pieces and string them onto pipe cleaners (kids can also practice patterning with this activity)
3. Have children practice putting nuts on a bolt
4. Have kids practice squeezing clothespins with their dominate hand.
5. Have the child pick up pennies with their dominate hand only.  Counting can be incorporated into this activity.  If the child is extra ambitious they can practice using chop sticks to pick up the items in the box.

The best thing about this activity box is that it contains mostly household items that cost very little.  There really is no need to spend lots of money on expensive toys in order to teach your child simple skills.

Here is a snapshot of Sapphire transferring colored water with a medicine dropper. We borrowed this great idea from The Activity Mom  I suggest you visit her site for other great craft ideas and kids activities.

Here Sapphire practices her dexterity by transferring poms poms with tweezers.

This cool video  got Opal pumped about his finger soccer skills!  Check it out!  Opal wasn't really keen about crafting, cutting, card lacing or making jewelery therefore I had to tweak some activities to suite his interests.
He much preferred flicking marbles into a cardboard net, hammering nails, finding fossils in play dough, painting on an easel ( upright surfaces encourages a stable wrist position to develop good thumb movements) and wheel barrel walking( hold the feet of the child and have them walk on their hands)

I hope this post was helpful.  Developing pre-printing skills is an important part of building your child's self confidence as they head off to school this year.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you need any more ideas!
I would also love to hear about some other activities you think are beneficial in developing fine motor skills
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Cheers and hope you are enjoying this last drop of summer!


The Activity Mom said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. Great post! B loves transfering things with tongs/tweezers. They have a bag of tongs at Dollar Tree (4 for $1) in the wedding section. They are perfect for transfering pom poms.

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