Friday, June 18, 2010

Freezee Holders

Well today's craft was put together "spur of the moment".  
Just a little background info before I get to this simple but useful craft. 

Over the past 24 hours Pearl's screaming and crying episodes have been endless.  Normally I would have praised her for such endurance but for this particular crying marathon I hadn't been adequately prepared. 
Typically, I would have made Sapphire and Opal canvass the neighbourhood; challenging people to sponser this impressive performance.
I believe her front tooth has pierced through, evoking this absolute misery.  Poor little darling.  I hate to see my baby suffer.
Eating and drinking were out of the question.  To alleviate some of her discomfort she found refuge in freezees and frozen yogart tubes.  There's just one problem.  Her darling little hands were getting cold from holding these "soothing" treats.
Therefore, I got out the glue gun of course!
Freezee holders

Initially I was going to use felt but craft foam worked much better and it's cheaper. 
{Yes, I agree.  Kids today are totally pampered!}

Have a great weekend everyone!


Flory said...

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Belly Charms said...

Hi Crystal. I am following you back. Thanks for stopping by. I love the craft. My boys painted wooden picture frames tonight for their grandfathers for Father's Day...will be a few days late since we are mailing them. Oh well :)

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Helena said...

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Mellisa said...

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The Activity Mom said...

Very clever! I am making one of those for sure. So fun! Now I just need one that goes around the teething so my 5 mo. old won't let go when her hands get cold and continue to dig her face in the ground trying to chew it. =) lol

Love and Lollipops said...

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This is a really neat idea!

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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Super-cute idea!! Love it! :-)