Friday, April 16, 2010

Two Simple "Earth Day" Crafts

I was still trying to use up those left over plastic easter eggs.  So, Opal and me made litter bugs while Sapphire was at school and Pearl was sleeping!  These "Litter Bugs" are the good kind because they collect litter as you can see by the trail that follows them!  These "litter bugs" eat trash and make excellent fertilizer for our gardens!

I adapted this idea from a craft we made at playgroup today (actually I did it while Opal played.  Saphhire is much more interested in  making crafts than Opal .  Must be a boy/girl thing!)   It's swing ball.  The idea is to get the ball into the cup by swinging it into the air and holding onto the cup.  
This is suppose to be planet earth and the ball is suppose to be a piece of garbage. (Ignore the fact that I glued planet earth upside down)  I thought decorating the can to look like a recycling box would be another cute idea.  Just another way to teach your kids about recycling and littering that is interactive, fun, and economical!  
Total price of crafts $0 (all recyclables)
Total time to create 20mins
Seeing the smiles on my kids faces when they got to play with the crafts-Priceless